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#63SSIFF - 18/26 Septiember 2015

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The Industry Club

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2011. 59th Edition
16-24 September
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Films in Progress

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7 cajas
(7 Crates)
Juan Carlos Maneglia, Tana Schémbori
Era uma vez Verônica
(Once Upon a Time Veronica)
Marcelo Gomes
Infancia clandestina
(Also Known As)
Benjamín Ávila
Joven y alocada
(Young & Wild)
Marialy Rivas
Un mundo secreto
(A Secret World)
Gabriel Mariño
La playa
Juan Andrés Arango

Films in Progress, a joint initiative between San Sebastian Festival and the Rencontres Cinémas d’Amérique Latine in Toulouse, endeavours to facilitate the completion of rigorously selected latinoamerican films which, though completed, are having difficulty finding their way into the post-production stage, by screening them for a group of professionals, principally from the cross-border domain, who may be able to contribute to their completion.

This endeavour involves two yearly get-togethers at two different festivals (Toulouse in March and San Sebastian in September) offering feature films marked by the stamp of singularity and independence blocked at the production stage the opportunity to exist at festivals and in cinemas thanks to meetings with movie professionals in two complementary European countries.

Members of the different links in the chain leading to the release of these films are invited to discover them in ideal conditions with a view to their making a decisive contribution to the success of these projects. We propose a place of direct exchange with professionals and institutions as a decisive step towards them being able to reach the audience.

By involving film professionals capable of contributing to their post-production, and by encouraging distributors and promoters to diversify their offer, to reserve a space for as yet marginalized movie continents, San Sebastian and Toulouse hope to achieve, and to develop with as much pragmatism and efficiency as possible, respect for and promotion of cultural diversity based on a spirit of solidarity and cooperation.

Films in Progress has the decisive backing of: Agencia española de cooperación para el desarrollo (AECID), Best Digital, Casa de América, CSF (Cine sin fronteras), Dolby, Imasblue, Kodak (división de cine profesional), Mediamundus, Nephilim producciones, No Problem Sonido, Programa Ibermedia, Technicolor Entertainment Services Spain, Vertigo Films and the collaboration of Ateliers du cinéma européen (ACE), Caisse centrale d’action sociale (CCAS), Centre national du cinéma et de l`image animée (CNC), CINÉ+, Cinéfondation, Confédération internationale des cinémas d’art et essai (CICAE), Conseil général de la Haute Garonne, Conseil régional Midi-Pyrénées, CROUS de Toulouse,  École supérieure d’audio visuel (ESAV), EP2C - Postproduction training programme, Europa Distribution, FNAC, Instituto Cervantes, Mactari, Mairie de Toulouse, Marché du film, Signis y TitraTVS.

Best Digital Dolby Kodak Molinare Nephilim No problem Technicolor Vértigo





Best Digital, Dolby, Imasblue, Kodak (Division de Cine Profesional), Nephilim Producciones,
No Problem Sonido, Technicolor Entertainment Services Spain y Vertigo Films

  • 7 CAJAS, Juan Carlos Maneglia y Tana Schémbori (Paraguay) 
Best Digital Dolby Kodak Molinare Nephilim No problem Technicolor Vértigo




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