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Festival Diary
You are in: Home › 2011. 59th Edition › Festival DiarySunday, September 18, 2011

2011. 59th Edition
16-24 September
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Festival Diary • Sunday, September 18, 2011

Two different perspectives on crime in Mexico

Asalto al cine, the Mexican director Iria Gómez Concheiro’s first feature about four teenagers who decide to solve their financial problems by robbing a cinema is set in her home town, but she claims that it is a situation that could happen to youngsters anywhere in Latin America.

She confesses that she combined two ideas when she wrote the script: the problem of the lack of educational and job opportunities for the young whom often drift into crime and a news story she read about some youngsters who robbed a cinema and got away with it.

Gerardo Naranjo’s Miss Bala, on the other hand, takes a look at a much darker side of crime.A young girl’s obsession with winning a beauty contest leads her to get mixed up in a war between rival drug gangs. Naranjo stresses how it has really polarised its audience: “some people think we are betraying our country; others think it is the first step on the way to solving this problem.”

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