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#63SSIFF - 18/26 Septiember 2015

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Cinema Caravan

Cinema Caravan is a travelling, open-air contemporary Japanese culture festival. However, this is not a simple exhibition of Japanese art, but an endeavour that seeks to discover new cultures while spreading knowledge of its own heritage and sharing experiences with all those interested in imagination and creativity.

In Cinema Caravan creators and artists occupy an important place as social observers, and their works help to portray the evolution of society around us. Cinema prompts us to reflect on the reality we live in, photography and paintings evoke that reality from a different perspective, and, thanks to our palates, gastronomy permits us to travel and discover places we have probably never been to before, while in other cases it may connect us through the flavours impressed on our minds. 

The Cinema Caravan x BasQuing cultural exchange at the San Sebastian Festival represents an endeavour to close the gap between two peoples, two cultures so very far removed from one another, like those of the Basque Country and Japan, offering a new experience to the creators from both places and to those who visit the Cinema Caravan space.

During the Festival, the Cinema Caravan space can be found in the Plaza de la Trinidad. The space will try to be as warm and welcoming as possible, creating an atmosphere in which to discover the Nippon culture directly, guided by Japanese people; where you can listen to music by Japanese DJs such as Masa from Jazzy Sport, DJ Mitsu, The Beat from Jazzy Sport and Micky from Cinema Caravan while drinking sake, coffee or tea and eating the Japanese menus prepared by top chefs like Matico, ex-chef at the Kanda in Tokyo, or highly traditional Japanese fare, like soba and takoyaki.

We will travel through music at the concerts of Japan’s Cor-Magnon, and San Sebastian’s Javi P3z (Triz3ps). We will take a closer look at art through the works of Blami (Basque Country) and Maru (Japan). Japanese kuririn dancers will also surprise us with their masks and movements as they take to the streets of the city.

At night, visitors can watch the Japanese film Spirited Away, for all ages and on an open-air screen. Documentaries will also be shown: Flash Back Memory, about a Japanese musician who loses his memory after a car accident, and Japan (Matsuri to Inori), giving us a look at the situation in Japan today from a highly objective distance. This documentary was made by the director of Cinema Caravan, the photographer Rai Shizuno, after travelling to many parts of the country.

There will also be a film for adults in the shape of a porno romance from the series produced by Nikkatsu between 1971 and 1988, with its hugely innovative and free-thinking expression.


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