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Festival de San Sebastián Donostia 2016 San Sebastian International Film Festival
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Horizontes Award

The HORIZONTES JURY at the 58th San Sebastian International Film Festival, made up of the following members:

The Jury unanimously agrees to award a special mention to the following film:

for its powerful cinematographic proposal from the visual, sound and musical levels. And for its fresh approach and the birth of a new voice using obstacles and the lack of resources as a tool to tell a tale as personal as it is universal.

And grants the HORIZONTES Award, carrying €35,000 (€10,000 for the director of the winning film and €25,000 for its importer in Spain), to the film:

  • ABEL” (Mexico) by Diego Luna


Donostia-San Sebastián, 24th September 2010

The San Sebastián International Film Festival grants the Horizontes Award, aimed at increasing knowledge of feature films produced totally or partially in Latin America, directed by filmmakers of Latin origin, set around or dealing with Latin communities in the rest of the world.

Eligible for this award are all of the feature films selected to form part of Horizontes Latinos, which have neither been previously presented at other Spanish Festivals nor commercially released in Spain.

This award carries a cash prize of Euros 35,000.

Sponsored by:


2009 HORIZONTES Award “GIGANTE” (Uruguay) by Adrián Biniez

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