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2009. 57th Edition
18-26 September
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International Film School Meeting


San Sebastian Festival’s 8th International Film School Meeting, jointly organised with Tabakalera – International Contemporary Culture Centre, has become a must-attend event for the most important film schools worldwide. This forum offers future filmmakers the opportunity to exchange experiences and know-how in a space where they can exhibit their works at screenings open to Festival guests and audiences. 

A total of 70 schools with enormous international prestige, from 27 countries, have registered to participate in the 8th edition of the Meeting. Of the 175 shorts presented, 15 works have been selected from film schools in Israel, Poland, China, USA, Mexico, Morocco, Uruguay, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Croatia.

The International Film School Meeting will take place on 24 and 25 September at the Kutxa Function Hall (Calle Andia). The showings, open to the public and attended by their teachers, offer youngsters the chance to present their works and comment on them with those present.

A jury chaired by the cutting-edge producer and director Lluís Miñarro and consisting of students from the participating film schools will choose the winning film, the director of which will win €10,000 in Panavision filming material for his or her next work, also earning the chance to participate in the Short Film Corner at Cannes, alongside another two directors.

In its commitment to innovation, the Masterclass consolidates itself as a space dedicated to presentations and demos of new technical equipment.


The Masterclass at this 8th edition, to take place on Wednesday September 23 at Tabakalera, will be split into two sessions:

  • Presentation of film analysis software currently at the development stage, “The Lines of Time”, by Vincent Puig, head of the I.R.I. (Institute de Recherche et d’Innovation). The session will be rounded off by the writer, movie analyst and teacher Jenaro Talens, who will give us ideas on this tool as an instrument of unprecedented cinematographic access, research and reflection. For the purposes of analysis, he will use Luis Buñuel’s Un chien Andalou, coinciding with the exhibition entitled Un chien Andalou, 80 years later.
  • Debate organised by Panavision entitled Light in the French Nouvelle Vague and in the Backwash, with the prestigious cinematographer Gérard de Battista. The debate will be moderated by Benjamin B, European correspondent with the American Cinematographer and leading figure of several Masterclass events, including San Sebastian alongside Affonso Beato, Camerimages (Poland) with Pierre Lohmme and Bruno Delbonnel or Budapest together with Vilmos Zsigmond, among many others. Gérard de Battista has put the light to several movies and has collaborated with François Reichenbach, Claude Lelouch, Tonie Marshall, Claude Zidi, Gérard Jugnot, Josiane Balasko and Claude Miller, among other prestigious moviemakers.

Furthermore, in its commitment to young audio-visual creators, Panavision will be present throughout the Masterclass, offering new filmmakers a set-demo with EPC equipment, including the Genesis digital camera and Primo lenses.

Parallel and web activities

As parallel and complementary activities to the Meeting, part of the programme has been set aside for the presentation of projects destined to foster international collaboration and production processes. In this context, four shorts will be screened out-of-competition at the Atelier Masterclass project with the participation of La Fémis from Paris and the Baden-Württemberg Filmakademie. The Spanish Society of Authors, Publishers and Composers (SGAE) Centro de Arte y Tecnología Aplicada (CATA) in Madrid will also be present.

Finally, as a new feature this year, while the Meeting is underway, and via the specific microsite www.tabakalera.eu/encuentro-escuelas-cine-09 the event will be monitored in its entirety: screening of the competing shorts, interviews with the participating schools and students, daily summaries and material provided by those attending the event through their mobile devices... will be some of the contents making it possible to take the temperature of the liveliest and most human side of this event.

The website will therefore become a dynamic space of common participation for attendees and boost the objectives of the 8th Film School Meeting.

San Sebastian’s Candidature for European Capital of Culture 2016 collaborates with this initiative to foster the energy of young film students as they enter the professional world.

23 September: MASTERCLASS (Tabakalera)

Presentation of the Masterclass workshop (90’)
Panavision Set-demo. Panavision will be present throughout the Masterclass workshop, with EPC in a set-demo including the Genesis digital camera and Primo lenses.

Presentation “The Lines of Time” (90’)
Speaker: Vincent Puig
Speaker: Jenaro Talens


PANAVISIÓN. Debate Light in the French Nouvelle Vague and in the Backwash” (120’)
PANAVISION photography workshop with participation of the cinematographer Gérard de Battista. Session moderated by Benjamin B, chronicler with the American Cinematographer.


Free visit to the exhibitions:
Un chien andalou, 80 years later”

Presentation of the “8th International Film School Meeting” by Mikel Olaciregi, Director of the San Sebastian Festival and Joxean Múñoz, Director of the International Contemporary Culture Centre - Tabakalera. (Press Club at the Kursaal Centre.

24 September: SCREENINGS (Kutxa Cinema/Calle Andía)

  • On leave (Regila), Asaf Saban, Beit Berl, Israel (15’)
  • Presentation of the competing short films Casa Sefarad (10’)
  • Segal, Yuval Shani, Tel Aviv, Israel (24’)
  • Dekalog 89 + Siordme: street feeling, Kristoffer Karlsson Rus, Andrzej Wajda, Poland (19’)
  • L’Merja (L’etang), Azzam El Mehdí, ESAV-Marrakesh, Morocco (15’)
  • De monstruos y faldas, Carolina Astudillo, UAB, Spain (24’)
  • . Finis Terrae, Vincent Le Port, La fémis, France (15’)
  • Pehuajó, Catalina Marín, ECU, Uruguay (20’)
  • La canción de los niños muertos, David Pablos, CCC. Mexico (35’)
  • Nación Apache , Carlos Muñoz, CUEC-UNAM, Mexico (28’)
  • Presentation of the Centro de Arte y Tecnología Aplicada:
    CATA-SGAE (45’)

25 September: SCREENINGS (Kutxa Cinema/Calle Andía)

  • Hinter den dünen (Behind the dunes) Christian Bach, HFF-Munich, Germany (30’)
  • Double, Nathalie Sejean, UCLA Extension, USA (4’)
  • He long chuan gang (The opposite shore), Ao Shen, Beijing Film Academy, China (29’)
  • Rastanak (Farewell), Irena Skoric, Art Zagreb, Croatia (12’)
  • Dejar a Marcos, Mario Fernández Alonso, Master Media, Spain (20’)
  • Nid hei Cho (Left behind), Thaïs Odermatt, Lucerne University, Switzerland (17’)
  • Cigarette Candy, Lauren Wolkstein, Columbia University, USA (13’)
  • L’Atelier Masterclass (France and Germany) (Out-of-competition)
  • Wie Die Raben (Abandoned), M. Maffo Bittner (9’)
  • Ton sale chien (Your Bloody Dog), Gurvan Hue (9’)
  • Stillstand (Standstill), Silvana Santamaría (9’)
  • À domicile (Home match), Bojina Panayotova (9’)

International Contemporary Culture Centre Tabakalera
Presentation of awards and closing cocktail.

The International Film School Meeting was first created in 2002 in response to San Sebastian Festival’s ongoing endeavour to promote the different links in the chain leading audiences to the cinema: initiating children on the giant screen at the Velodrome, encouraging youngsters to try all sorts of cinema by forming part of the Youth Jury, inspiring new directors...

And San Sebastian Festival couldn’t forget the youngsters dedicated to film language and technique, i.e. film schools and students.

Students are given the chance to present a selection of their school projects at one of the most important international film festivals, including big names from the movie world who come along to help the students, commenting on their works in the presence of their teachers, who can therefore learn more about the teaching methods used at the different centres. Students sleep under the same roof and eat together while the Meeting is underway, meaning that they can easily exchange experiences and make contacts which, we know for a fact, last long after the Festival is over.

This initiative permits the screening of school projects, debate and reflection on new narrative formats, changes in teaching film, the appearance and use of new technologies or processes of cultural internationalisation.

  • Rules (2009). Film School Meeting (Deadline is over)


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