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#63SSIFF - 18/26 Septiember 2015

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2011. 59th Edition
16-24 September
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International Film Students Meeting

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Alto sauce
Spain , 2010 - 16 m. m.
Director: Fernando Pomares
Screenplay: Fernando Pomares
Photography: Anna Albiac
Cast: Rosa Pifarré, Montserrat Morera, Fernando P. Mateu

UK , 2011 - 27 m. m.
Director: Ania Winiarska
Screenplay: Ania Winiarska
Photography: Ania Winiarska

Eva - Shem zmani
Israel , 2010 - 14 m. m.
Director: Dor Fadlon
Screenplay: Dor Fadlon
Photography: Ori Rom, Leon Grin
Cast: Evelin Kachulin, Dror Dahan

La fiesta de casamiento
Argentina , 2011 - 19 m. m.
Director: Gastón Margolin, Martín Morgenfeld
Screenplay: Gastón Margolin, Martín Morgenfeld
Photography: Fernando Lockett
Cast: Juan Barberini, Julieta Zylberberg, Pablo Sigal

Geen weg terug
Holland , 2011 - 25 m. 6 s. m.
Director: Shariff Korver
Screenplay: Gert Altena
Photography: Alex Wuijts
Cast: Arent Jan Linde, Saman Amini

Guañape Sur
Italy , 2010 - 23 m. m.
Director: János Richter
Screenplay: János Richter
Photography: Jakob Stark

Long Distance Call
Germany , 2011 - 20 m. m.
Director: Grzegorz Muskala
Screenplay: Grzegorz Muskala, Phillip Kaminiak, Hannes Held
Photography: Phillip Kaminiak
Cast: Arno Frisch, Lenio Amory Einbeck, Eva Bay

Mona Lisa in the Province
Israel , 2011 - 15 m. m.
Director: Yoav Arbel
Screenplay: Yoav Arbel
Photography: Mathias Zagoni
Cast: Dana Meinrath, Idan Rabinovitch, Raffi Tavor, Neta Moran

L’or blanc
Morocco , 2010 - 20 m. 14 s. m.
Director: Adama Sallé
Screenplay: Adama Sallé
Photography: Mohcine Hady
Cast: Ahmed Duadrabgo, Baga Tanga

Quisiera la tarde
Colombia , 2010 - 13 m. 13 s. m.
Director: Carolina Sourdis
Screenplay: Carolina Sourdis
Photography: Diego Barajas

Israel , 2010 - 20 m. m.
Director: Zevik Zelikovitch
Screenplay: Zevik Zelikovitch
Photography: Ronen Kruk
Cast: Ruth Geller, Yosef Carmon

La siguiente estación
Colombia , 2011 - 18 m. 40 s. m.
Director: Nicolás Sandino Moreno
Screenplay: Nicolás Sandino Moreno
Photography: Nicolás Sandino Moreno
Cast: Rubén Blades, Catalina Sandino Moreno

Twist and Blood
Poland , 2010 - 30 m. m.
Director: Kuba Czekaj
Screenplay: Kuba Czekaj
Photography: Tomasz Wozniczka
Cast: James Fordham, Emilia Stachurska

We Are Not Living in a Fucking Hospital
France-Turkey , 2010 - 8 m. m.
Director: Vappu Tuomisto
Screenplay: Vappu Tuomisto
Photography: Liso Cassano

France-Germany , 2011 - 8 m. 30 s. m.
Director: Thomas Brekle
Screenplay: Manuela Steiner
Photography: Nicolai Mehring
Cast: Karin Hanczewski, Christian Beermann

France-Germany , 2011 - 9 m. m.
Director: Fabien Drugeon
Screenplay: Jean-Baptiste Separi-Prevost
Photography: Samir Hadjazi
Cast: Sanita Jonane

Germany-France , 2011 - 8 m. m.
Director: Franziska Hoenisch
Screenplay: Franziska Hoenisch
Photography: Pedram Noutash
Cast: Anja Thiemann, Claudia Lorentz, Lukas Rüppel, Toni Jessen, Claudius von Stolzmann

The International Film School Meeting was first created in 2002 in response to San Sebastian Festival’s ongoing endeavour to promote the different links in the chain leading audiences to the cinema: initiating children on the giant screen at the Velodrome, encouraging youngsters to try all sorts of cinema by forming part of the Youth Jury, inspiring new directors...

And San Sebastian Festival couldn’t forget the youngsters dedicated to film language and technique, i.e. film schools and students.

Students are given the chance to present a selection of their school projects at one of the most important international film festivals, including big names from the movie world who come along to help the students, commenting on their works in the presence of their teachers, who can therefore learn more about the teaching methods used at the different centres. Students sleep under the same roof and eat together while the Meeting is underway, meaning that they can easily exchange experiences and make contacts which, we know for a fact, last long after the Festival is over.

This initiative permits the screening of school projects, debate and reflection on new narrative formats, changes in teaching film, the appearance and use of new technologies or processes of cultural internationalisation.


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Born in 1969 in Ronse (Belgium), audiovisual artist Nicolas Provost lives and works in Brussels. In his films he uses cinematic language to influence the interpretation of images and stories. His movies delve into our collective film memory and generate a visual poetry of hypnotic beauty.

His works have been screened at prestigious festivals, garnering a long list of awards. 
His first feature, L’Envahisseur (The Invader), will be presented in the Zabaltegi-Pearls section at San Sebastian Festival, after having competed in Venice Festival’s Orizzonti section, as did his 2011 short film, Moving Stories. Stardust, made in 2010, participated in Orizzonti at Venice last year.

His filmography includes a string of shorts, among which are: Storyteller (2010), Long Live the New Flesh (2009) -a competitor at the Berlinale 2010-, Plot Point (2007) -nominated for the European Film Academy Awards-, Gravity (2007), Suspension (2007), Induction (2006), The Divers (2006), Exoticore (2004) and Papillon d’amour (2003).

NICOLAS PROVOST, film director and visual artist. Chairman of the Film Students Meeting Jury.


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