March 10
New Directors - Public vote
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This cartel is entirely hand painted, both the fund as of the drawing and tipografías. Made with acrylic painting on canvas.
Votes 689
My poster is representing a man head (drawn by me) which may simbolize the old man who know more, and around the head I have aranged the text and logos.
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“Brain” New Directors
“Brain” New Directors, is a word game coming from the English expression “Brand new” and the Word “Brain” which is the principal element in this cartel.
Votes 416
La madre Cultura, pare cada año nuevos director@s que dedican su tiempo a alimentar nuestras mentes con conocimiento, ayudándonos a evadirnos o no de la realidad en que vivimos.
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Votes 388
In the field of creative professionals where the experienced meets the young, a simple hand shake can open up new worlds of collaborative imagination.
Votes 379
Hoy quiero conocer a...
Todos merecemos mostrar nuestra obra, da igual el orden, al final todos seremos vistos y escuchados.
Votes 374
Waiting for Spielberg
A debut can be life changing. The silence of the movie theatre vibrates with anticipation. Who will take the highest chair?
Votes 351
Nuevos Tiempos
Mezcla de lo clásico y lo moderno en un concepto actual y rompedor
New Directors - Selected by the San Sebastian Festival
Votes 124
The director stands out from the crowd. The artwork has been hand painted with acrylic paint and later digitazed. The chosen colours are the ones from the city.
Votes 122
Galopando las nuevas visiones del mundo.
Votes 44
Primer vuelo
Transformar el papel, un boceto, en un artefacto que pueda volar, por primera vez.
Votes 40
New Generations
Allegory where represents the birth of the new generations of directors with their particular view of the world.
Votes 34
Abran paso
Votes 10
Nuevos directores con un gran potencial que enseñarnos y que, con pocos recursos, como puede ser un papel rasgado, pueden construir una historia llena de belleza y simbolismo.
Votes 4
Votes 4
Te encontraré 4
En todas partes hay nuevas promesas ​por descubrir que intentan sobresalir en sus disciplinas​. Solo hay que buscarlas.
Votes 1
Nuev@s Director@as
Representación de como aquellos que destacan sobre los actos de los demás son quienes triunfan.
Horizontes Latinos - Public vote
Votes 782
Explosión de un lenguaje rico y completo.
Votes 778
Ekeko is a deity of abundance, fecundity and joy. It is believed to be native to the pre-Hispanic cultures of South America. Oil on canvas.
Votes 641
Votes 519
Composition of patio of seats of cinema simulating degraded horizons in sight of bird Quetzal.
Votes 444
It is a concept which speaks about the limits and borders not only mental but also physical, a commonplace issue nowadays.
Votes 420
The poster is ment to represent a combination of several symbols which emphaises the Latin spirit.
Votes 418
The call of the horizon
The Moais on Easter Island (Chile). The call of the horizon, intends to represent the impassive and vigilant wait for new challenges, that are always present in our lives.
Votes 417
Hidden horizons
Not all that is new is something unidentifiable
Votes 412
Through the Window
La propuesta pretende ilustrar la unión generada con los países latinos, invitando al espectador a mirar a través de una mirilla generada a partir de el hermanamiento de culturas.
Votes 380
Jungle Fever
Just beneath the surface of harsh and dramatic stories born in latinos contexts lies and it's easily spotted a relentles and joyful lust for life. This graphic is a praise to that.
Horizontes Latinos - Selected by the San Sebastian Festival
Votes 178
Projecting to Latin America
I used a horizontal graphic guide, represented by the mascara run, and at the same time refers to the themes addressed in the Latin cinema, about their social problems.
Votes 59
Votes 39
Enfrentarse a un obstáculo, como este muro, hacerlo tuyo dotándolo de color, aire e imaginación.
Votes 5
Rastros de la impronta de un cine latino
Votes 4
volar al horizonte
Llegan desde otros parajes aves extranjeras que nos traen nuevas formas de ver y comprender el universo cinematográfico.
Votes 1
Horizontes Latinos
Representación de como aquellos que destacan sobre los actos de los demás son quienes triunfan.
Votes 1
Cartel tipográfico
Votes 1
Cruz del Sur
Zabaltegi-Tabakalera - Public vote
Votes 779
This poster is made with the technique of stencil and painted with spray paint on paper. An abduction towards the surprising and unknown.
Votes 644
Come in
Votes 510
Under the rain
This poster involves the climate of San Sebastian and it's common friend the umbrella, joining them in a representative icon of the city.
Votes 465
Votes 433
Letras de Sopa
Votes 420
a beetle
My proposition for an open section straight from cold Poland
Votes 413
Votes 411
Imagina volar con unos globos con peces como motor y debajo las nubes y el mundo y observas, con imaginación.
Votes 380
Be surprised
Votes 375
Abierto por Zinemaldi
Al igual que en un supermercado de esquisiteces, podemos encontrar en esta sección una gran variedad de películas de temática y forma muy diversas, escogidas cuidadosamente .
Zabaltegi-Tabakalera - Selected by the San Sebastian Festival
Votes 60
Invasión de minis
Votes 50
De pasta gruesa
En clave de humor, Zabaltegi Tabakalera es una sección que exige una gran atención por parte del espectador.
Votes 50
To create something amazing it´s necessary to delve in mind. Dive in thoughts lets get films so appealing of this section.
Votes 18
Sometimes you need to watch a fim more than once. You'll need to get closer, zoom out, turn it around. Find its hidden message .
Votes 4
Votes 3
Representación de como aquellos que destacan sobre los actos de los demás son quienes triunfan.
Votes 2
Votes 2
Efecto mariposa
Votes 1
Doodle 2
Poster inspired in a doodle made in 2012. Faces registered in paper through drawing that get lost in ephemeral places.
Often it is necessary to get out of the way.
Pearls - Public vote
Votes 767
Poster made with stencil technique, spray painted on paper. The laurel wreath as a symbol of victory.
Votes 693
Based on my original peinture PearlGirl it is the right poster with the right image!
Votes 676
Sea lights
Votes 496
Metamorphosis of emotional tears in pearls.
Votes 464
Constelaciones especiales
Al igual que hay perlas en el universo que dibujan constelaciones maravillosas, hay películas que forman estas constelaciones tan especiales que las hacen ser únicas y deseadas.
Votes 439
The Space Between
The Space Between is the place dedicated to relevant elements which shine through, like the films encompassing in this section which shine in another international festivals.
Votes 396
A pesar de que en el cielo hay miles de estrellas, solo unas pocas forman ciertas figuras reconocibles al unirse. Del mismo modo, dentro de miles de películas destacan las perlas.
Votes 393
Pearl in My Hand
Votes 381
20000 Leagues Under
Glimmering beauty sometimes hides in plain sight, often needs to be found.
Votes 370
Las perlas Akoya cuentan con pocas imperfecciones y con un hermoso e intenso lustre. Sólo son unas pocas las que terminan generando una perla de calidad y redondez casi perfecta.
Pearls - Selected by the San Sebastian Festival
Votes 9
Black pearl
Votes 8
ojo de perla
Votes 8
Votes 4
Blacking Out
Sometimes finding the real pearls is about blacking out the rest.
Votes 3
A different story
Votes 3
Noche, bosque.
Votes 2
pearl hunting
Selection of the best films is like pearl hunting in the depths - fascinating
Votes 1
Perla 01
Representación de como aquellos que destacan sobre los actos de los demás son quienes triunfan.
abstract shell with a pearl
Culinary Zinema - Public vote
Votes 954
Poptogramas (Pop frames)
Poptogramas presents the taste of cinema, in its format par excellence, frames.
Votes 759
Art and cuisine have always been tightly linked and that relationship today is strengthened more than ever. "Mound of butter" (1885) by Antoine Vollon.
Votes 725
Based on real facts
A composition has been made with different foods that could constitute a dinner, placed around the number one that represents the countdown of the old cinema.
Votes 690
AbunDANCE of dancing elegant food based on a personal composition made with India ink on art paper.
Votes 639
Votes 624
Basque gorilla
A classic film combined with one of the most representative "pintxos" of the Basque Country
Votes 599
Still life titled "Glass half full" inspired by Old Master paintings which show the beauty of ordinary objects, such as food.
Votes 565
Vegetable line
A poster that joins vibrant colours with local traditional vegetables.
Votes 457
I love
Adaptation of the mythical logo "I Love NY"
Votes 448
It is a mixture between Japanese food, art and cinema, these three elements have an important weight in the current western culture.
Culinary Zinema - Selected by the San Sebastian Festival
Votes 270
Votes 48
Cocina de ensueño
Sueño y cocina unidos en un gran coctel de creatividad
Votes 27
Votes 14
Votes 11
Votes 5
Votes 2
Votes 2
Votes 1
Culinary Zinema
Representación de como aquellos que destacan sobre los actos de los demás son quienes triunfan.
A rooster crowing at how good the food/films are. An announcement. A bit like the food telling you how good it is.

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