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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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El asesino de Pedralbes / The Murder of Pedralbes
Official Selection

One morning in May 1974, a married couple from the Barcelona bourgeoisie was brutally stabbed in the bedroom of their tower in Pedralbes. It was a case that was widely publicized throughout Spain. José Luis Cerveto, the day after the events, confessed guilty to them and was sentenced to two death sentences, which were commuted to two sentences of thirty years following the death of Franco and the coronation of Juan Carlos. He is currently in the Huesca prison. His strange personality has moved Gonzalo Herralde to put the cameras in his own prison so that Cerveto himself reconstructs his case.



He was born on October 22, 1949 in Barcelona. He studied medicine for three years and later theater at the Adria Gual Academy and cinematography in Paris. In 1970 he directed his first short film (Cartel) and in 1975 his first feature film (La muerte del escorpión). His second feature film, Raza, the spirit of Franco (1977) was presented last year at the San Sebastian Festival. His other short films are B. va a New York (1971), Un cochero impertinente (1973) y Mi terraza (1974). 

Gonzalo Herralde
Jaume Peracaula
Teresa Alcocer
Juan Pineda. Fragmentos de la Banda Sonora de "La muerte del Escorpión" y "El Rey de la Carretera" de Juanito Valderrama.
José Luis Cerveto y el resto de personajes reales relacionados con el caso.
Running Time
86 m.
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