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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Sin vergüenza / NO SHAME
Made in Spanish

A screenplay based on a love affair that took place in the summer of 1979 accidentally falls into the hands of a drama teacher called Isabel. On reading it, she discovers that it is based on her romance 21 years ago with the script's author, director Mario Fabra. Although their liaison lasted only 17 hours, she has never forgotten it. Isabel calls Mario - whom she hasn't seen since - and they arrange to meet, but when the time she comes feels silly and pretends not to recognise him. Although Mario also recognises Isabel, he does the same thing. But, needing new actors for his movie, Mario ponders on the subject, finally deciding to use Isabel and her school to find them. The truth is that he wants to be near Isabel as much as Isabel wants to see him again.
JOAQUIN ORISTRELL Has been writing screenplays since 1989, the year in which Fernando Colomo's Bajarse al moro (Going South Shopping) was made. Since then, he has participated as a scriptwriter in films by directors like Josefina Molina, Antonio Mercero, Manuel Iborra, Manuel Gómez Pereira, Alfonso Ungría, Mariano Barroso or the already-mentioned Fernando Colomo. He moved to directing with De qué se ríen las mujeres (1997), followed by Novios (1999).
Joaquín Oristrell
Joaquín Oristrell, Dominic Harari, Teresa Pelegrí, Cristina Rota
Jaume Peracaula
Miguel A. Santamaría
José Carlos Gómez
Verónica Forqué, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Candela Peña, Carmen Balagué
KWA - Kevin Williams Associates Estrecho de Mesina, 12-2º 28043 Madrid Tel. 34 9
Running Time
116 m.
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