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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Al-haimun fi al-sahraa/Les baliseurs du désert / The Wanderers
Amongst Friend And Neighbours

An old bus makes its way along an almost invisible road beneath an enormous sky towards an infinite horizon. Among the travellers is a young teacher assigned to a remote desert village. There's not even a school, and there's no one left, apart from the children, except for the elderly, women, and an enigmatic young girl. The men have gone into the desert to explore its limits. Sometimes in the silence they can be heard, the deep, monotous echo of Andalusi song like a lost call. They can be seen in the distance, like a mirage, like salt statues enveloped in sand clouds in the midst of a vast desert. They are the wanderers who try to establish the limits of the desert.
Khorba (Tunisia), 1948. Developed an intensive literary career parallel to his dedication to cinema, and his first short films date back to the mid-70s. His opera prima, Al-haimun fi al-sahraa/Les baliseurs du désert, didn't however hit the screens until 1984 and, despite the success it achieved, only found continuity in Tauq al-hamama al-mafqud/Le collier perdu de la colombe (1990) and the art documentary Á la recherche des mille et une nuits (1991).
Nacer Khemir
Nacer Khemir
Georges Barsky
Moufida Tlatli
Soufiane Makni, Noureddine Kasbaoui, Sonia Ichti, Abdeladhim Abdelhak
Running Time
95 m.
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