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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Amongst Friend And Neighbours

A French photographer, Fred arrives in a Tunisian coastal town to report on the ?bezness?, young men who sell their charms to tourists of all ages and genders. Given that taking pictures in this world constitutes an aggression, Fred takes refuge under the wings of Roufa, who dreams of leaving for Europe. Roufa suffers from the contradictions of his situation, trapped between Arab tradition and his life as a prostitute: he is extremely permissive with his clients, but highly repressive with his family relations and, especially, with his girlfriend. A portrayal moreover of confrontation between tradition and modernity, between East and West, between the beneficial and pernicious effects of tourism.
Sfax (Tunisia), 1945. Studied cinema at the INSAS in Brussels, working for some time on his return to Tunisia for television (RTT). Imprisoned for over five years as a result of his left-wing activities, he was only able to begin his career as an assistant director in 1980. Rih al-sadd/L'homme de cendres (1986), his first feature film, finally demonstrated just what he was capable of doing, converting him since then into an obligatory reference in Tunisian cinema with films like Safaih min dahab/Les sabots en or (1989), Bezness (1992) or Bint familia (1997).
Nouri Bouzid
Nouri Bouzid
Alain Levent
Kahena Attia
Anouar Brahem
Abdel Kechiche, Jacques Penot, Ghalia Lacroix, Mustapha Adouani
Running Time
100 m.
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