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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Wa baad.../Et après... / And then...
Amongst Friend And Neighbours

n Fnideq, like in so many other villages in Northern Morocco, the youngsters dream of illegally reaching the coast of Spain and a better life. Mustapha is one of the many who scrapes a living with minor dealings. He spends most of his time in the local café with his friends Larbi and Khalid. Watching Spanish TV, they once again see images of people who have drowned crossing the Straits in rickety fishing boats. Sick of begging, and despite the danger, Larbi wants to take the chance. Khalid believes in his country, he thinks an effort should be made to improve things. Mustapha would love to go, but doesn't want to take the risk. One of Mustapha's sisters, Leila, who works in Spain, comes home with her boss Miguel and his ex-wife, Laura, proposing that the boy participate in a hashish-trafficking deal. Mustapha accepts.
Tetuan (Morocco), 1951. Although he studied Law at Rabat University, he has been working since the mid-seventies for Moroccan TV as a producer and director of numerous documentaries and series. Wa baad.../Et après... (2002) is his first feature film for cinema.
Mohamed Ismail
Mohamed Ismail, Sylvain Agaesse
Denis Gravouil
Alima Arouali
Steph of SF, Orchestra des Stars de l'Orient, Groupe Verde
Rachid El Ouali, Mohammed Miftah, Victoria Abril, Siham Assif
Running Time
92 m.
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