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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Polvo enamorado / Lovesick Dust
Horizontes Selection

Having lost his wife when his son Percy was only a child, Matías, mayor of a small Peruvian coastal town, has taken care of educating the pretty little Natalia, daughter of humble peasants, sending her to a convent as an internee. On turning 17, her parents turn her over to Matías in wedlock. Given her true religious vocation, Natalia had wanted to stay at the convent, but Father Esteban, a friend of Matías, had convinced her that it was her duty to marry, hence Natalia had accepted on one condition: that Matías was never to touch her. After four years of marriage, when they seem to be living a peaceful life, Matías breaks the agreement. The stage is set for the entrance of Santiago, the young parish priest to replace father Esteban and whom the mystic Natalia sees as the personification of Christ. Tragedy is soon unleashed.
Luis Barrios de la Puente started working as an editor for Peruvian TV's Canal 9 and as an editor on several shorts for the Inca Films production company. In 1992, he wrote and directed two short films, Una noche con Angela and Tu amor, mi amor. Since then, he has directed numerous telenovels for Iguana Producciones (the most recent, Todo sobre Camila, María Rosa búscame una esposa, Vidas prestadas and Girasoles para Lucía). Polvo enamorado is his first feature film.
Luis Barrios
Giovanna Pollarolo
Carlos de la Cadena
Danielle Fillios
Víctor Villavisencio
Gianella Neyra, Paul Vega, Gustavo Bueno, Julián Legaspi, Norka Ramírez
Canela Films 2ª Privada de Calzada de los Reyes 21, Altos B 62130 Cuernavaca (Mé
Running Time
106 m.
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