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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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El efecto Iguazú / The Iguazu Effect
Made in Spain

The Iguazu Effect stars a group of workers fired en masse from the job market. One thousand eight hundred men proud of belonging to Sintel, a modern and well organized telecommunications company which had landed the contract to renew the phone lines throughout Spain. With tremendously high union membership, its leaders were used to negotiating and to taking action when necessary to reach specific agreements. The next thing they were out on the street. The fraudulent sale of the company led them to take unprecedented action: they exchanged life in their homes for the more extreme option of tents and shacks which they erected right on central Madrid's Paseo de la Castellana. The resistance of the Sintel workers made them a reference within the antiglobalization movement.
Castellar del Vallés (Barcelona, 1946). Was assistant director on around a dozen movies, including a number by Vicente Aranda, and has worked extensively in television (director of the series Los años vividos and deputy director on Quién sabe dónde and Buscados con cargo, all for Spanish Television). He has also directed documentaries, like Subcomandante Marcos: viaje al sueño zapatista and Guatemala: la hora de la verdad. El efecto Iguazú brought him the Goya for Best Documentary in 2002.
Pere Joan Ventura
Georgina Cisquella
Alberto Molina
Anastasi Rinos
Ángel Muñoz (Reverendo)
Colectivo de Trabajadores de Sintel
Cre-acción Films S. L.
Running Time
90 m.
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