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Comme une image / Like an Image

Agnès Jaoui
This is the tale of Lolita Cassard, a young girl angry with the world because she doesn?t look like the girls you see in the magazines and because she wants to be pretty, at least in her father?s eyes, so that he?ll pay a bit more attention to her. It?s also the tale of Etienne Cassard, who doesn?t look at people too much given that he spends too much time thinking about himself; because he feels he?s getting older, because he knows what it means not to be loved and because he has had to struggle to get where he is today. It?s the story of a writer, Pierre Miller, who thinks he?ll never become famous, until he makes his break on meeting Etienne Cassard. It?s the story of a singing teacher, Sylvia Miller, who believes in her husband and his talent, yet doubts her own abilities and those of her student Lolita, until she realises that she is the daughter of Etienne Cassard, the author she admires so much. It?s the story of human beings who know exactly what they?d do in someone else?s place, but who aren?t very good at being who they are.
Agnès Jaoui
Agnès Jaoui, Jean-Pierre Bacri
Stéphane Fontaine
François Gédigier
Philippe Rombi
Marilou Berry, Agnès Jaoui, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Laurent Grevill, Virginie Desarnauts, Keine Bouhiza
Running Time
110 m.
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