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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Horizontes Specials

On 18 July 1994, a bomb went off at the headquarters of AMIA, the Argentina-Israeli Mutual Association in the centre of Buenos Aires. AMIA was founded over a century ago as a friendly society, a not-for-profit NGO. Its mission is social welfare, caring for the elderly and the handicapped, spreading culture and improving the life of the members in its community. The assault occurred only a few days after the institution had celebrated its centenary and killed 85 people. Today it is still a mystery how and why the whole thing happened. A group of filmmakers have decided to make this film in homage to the memory of the victims and to demand that the truth be known. 18-J is a feature film comprising 10 shorts, 10 stories directed by 10 directors and produced by 10 production companies. All of the box office takings will be donated to 10 entities dedicated to social welfare.
Daniel Burman (untitled), Adrián Caetano (86), Lucía Cedrón (Mitzvah), Alejandro Doria (Vergüenza), Alberto Lecchi (La llamada), Marcelo Schapces (La ira de Dios), Carlos Sorín (La memoria), Juan Bautista Stagnaro (La Divina Comedia), Adrián Suar (Sorpresa) and Mauricio Wainrot (Lacrimosa). The selection of the filmmakers was based on wide criteria, including famous and novel directors coming from different genres and styles who join in an intense and productive look that represents the present situation of the cinema in Argentina.
Daniel Burman, Adrián Caetano, Lucía Cedrón, Alejandro Doria, Alberto Lecchi, Marcelo Schapces, Carlos Sorín, Juan Bautista Stagnaro, Adrián Suar, Mauricio Wainrot
Daniel Burman (D. Burman) - Roberto Gispert, Israel Adrián Caetano (A. Caetano) - Vicki Galardi, Lucía Cedrón (L. Cedrón) - Aída Bortnik Ferreira, Alejandro Doria (A. Doria) - Santiago Giralt (A. Lecchi) - Paula Romero Levit, Pablo Fidalgo (M. Schapc
Alejandro Giuliani (D. Burman) - Julián Apezteguía (A. Caetano) - José Luis García (L. Cedrón) - Willi Behnisch (A. Doria) - Hugo Colace (A. Lecchi) - José Guerra (M. Schapces) - Andrés Mazzon (J. B. Stagnaro) - Miguel Abal (A. Suar) - Abel Peñalba (
Alejandro Brodershon (D. Burman) - Israel A. Caetano, Alex Zito (A. Caetano) - Rosario Suárez (L. Cedrón) - Sergio Zottola (A. Doria) - Alejandro Alem, Alejandro Parisow (A. Lecchi, J. B.Stagnaro, A. Suar) - Miguel Schverdfinger (M. Schapces) - Carlo
Running Time
107 m.
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