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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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La vida que te espera / Your Next Life
Made in Spain

In the idyllic hills and valleys of a region in Northern Spain, a fight to the death ensues: Gildo kills his neighbour Severo. The motive is an argument over a splendid, fat milk cow. But there are more than just cows in the deep Pas valley. Girls like Genia long for a good pair of hiking boots and learn belly dancing. Val and Genia are Gildo?s daughters; one works round the clock, while the other goes to school. Val starts dating Rai, giving in to his romantic impulses, as instructed by her father, who wants to find out how much Rai knows about the homicide and who committed it. Rai also hopes to learn something about his father?s death from Val. Little by little, their investigative intentions turn into real love, a love that causes a threat to everyone.
Debuted with Habla, mudita (Speak, Mute Girl, 1973), cementing his prestige with Sonámbulos (Sleep Walkers, 1977, Silver Shell for Best Director at San Sebastian), Demonios en el jardín (Demons in the Garden, 1982, International Critics? Award at San Sebastian), La noche más hermosa (The Most Beautiful Night, 1984) and La mitad del cielo (Half of Heaven, 1986, Golden Shell at San Sebastian). Since then, he has directed Malaventura (1988), El rey del río (1994) and Cosas que dejé en la Habana (What I Left Behind in Havana, 1997), Visionarios (Visionaries, 2001), participant in the San Sebastian Official Section, and El caballero de Don Quijote (Don Quixote, Knight Errant, 2002).
Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón
Ángeles González Sinde, Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón
Gonzalo Berridi
José Salcedo
Xavier Capellas
Juan Diego, Luis Tosar, Marta Etura, Clara Lago, Celso Bugallo
Running Time
100 m.
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