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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Cama adentro / Beba’s Live-In
New Directors
Cama adentro

Beba knew how to handle her well-to-do life. Once boss of her own cosmetics company, now she?s obliged to sell her beauty products door-to-door. Her thick gold earrings and live-in maid are all she has left of a status she?s not about to give up. Dora arrived at the age of 17 from the province of Chaco to work as a live-in for Señora Beba and ever since has been building a house in the Buenos Aires suburbs with her earnings. The thing is that can?t finish the house because Beba owes her six months? pay. Tired of her boss?s false promises and determined to face the challenge of living her own life, Dora decides to leave. Some time later, having had to rent out her flat to cover her debts, Beba has nowhere to go and ends up moving in with Dora.
Studied at the Centro de Experimentación y Realización Cinematográfica in Buenos Aires. In 1996, he was chosen by the Shoah Visual History Foundation, founded by Steven Spielberg, to document testimonies by Holocaust survivors in Argentina. In 1997 he won the Fulbright Scholarship and attended the Directing Programme at the American Film Institute. As part of the program, he wrote and directed the shorts Arnold Murphy, El túnel de la lluvia, The Secret Sea and Un pedazo de tierra. Returning to Argentina, he directed his opera prima Beba?s Live-in.
Jorge Gaggero
Jorge Gaggero
Javier Juliá
Guillermo Represa
Norma Alejandro, Norma Argentina, Marcos Mundstock, Raúl Panguinao, Elsa Berenguer
Running Time
85 m.
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