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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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W. R.- Misterije organizma / WR: Mysteries of the organism

A mixture of reality and fiction, W.R. - Misterije organizma juxtaposes the story of the sexual encounter between the beautiful, liberated Milena and a repressed Soviet figure-skating champion with an exploration of the life and theories of psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, whose thoughts on politics, endeavouring to unite the teachings of Freud and Marx, earned him the persecution of right and left wings alike. In the context of the film, the Soviet Union and the US appear as the paradigms of a sexuality wrongly directed towards power and militarism. Reich moved to the USA in 1939, but was jailed following the anti-Communist hysteria unleashed by McCarthy and died in prison. The movie was forbidden in Tito?s Yugoslavia and in all of the countries in the Soviet orbit.
Has shot 13 feature films and 18 documentaries in the 15 years of his career. He has a highly original and surrealistic approach linking him to primitive Russian cinema, German expressionism and Godard?s aesthetics. In 1973, beseiged by the censors and on the point of being arrested for political reasons, he had to leave Yugoslavia and move to France. The most outstanding of his highly awarded works are Ljubavni slucaj ili tragedija sluzbenice P.T.T. (Love Affair, or the Case of the Missing Switchboard Operator, 1967), Wet Dreams (1975), Sweet Movie (1974) and The Coca-Cola Kid (1985). He was a member of the Official Jury at San Sebastian Festival in 1999.
Dusan Makavejev
Dusan Makavejev
Aleksandar Petkovic, Pega Popovic
Ivanka Vukasovic
Bojana Marijan
Milena Dravic, Jagoda Kaloper, Ivica Vidovic, Zoran Radmilovic, Miodrag Andric
Running Time
85 m.
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