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En el mundo, a cada rato

Patricia Ferreira
EL SECRETO MEJOR GUARDADO An orphan living with his grandmother in Southern India, Ravi has to travel a long way to a school in another village because he's not wanted at his, although he doesn't know why. Only his friend Krishnaveni seems comfortable at his side. LA VIDA EFÍMERA Vicenta, daughter of a Spanish mother and Guinean father, returns to Malabo, the city she left as a child to work at the General Hospital, at which she learns about some of the plagues devastating the African continent, such as malaria, still the main cause of child death in Equatorial Guinea. LAS SIETE ALCANTARILLAS 3-year-old Maca will tell us why she's happy. She shows us her family, her house, her district, but her view of reality doesn't quite correspond to that of the spectator. Life in "Las 7 Alcantarillas" isn't easy, as she'll soon have to discover. HIJAS DE BELÉN Eusebia lived with the Jeberos in the Amazon jungle. At the age of 10 she moved to the Belén neighbourhood of Iquitos (Peru) with the intention of going to school. She never learned to read and write because she had to work from childhood. Three generations later, history repeats itself with Nancy, another child from Belén. BINTA Y LA GRAN IDEA 7-year-old Binta lives in a village in southern Senegal and goes to school. Her cousin Soda doesn't have the same luck; she's not allowed to learn the things she doesn't know about this world. Binta admires her father, a humble fisherman whom, concerned by the progress of humanity, is determined to carry out an idea he's had.
Patricia Ferreira
Virginia Yagüe (El secreto mejor guardado), Georgina Cisquella (La vida efímera), Inés Almirón (Las siete alcantarillas)
Rafa Roche (El secreto mejor guardado, Las siete alcantarillas), Alberto Molina (La vida efímera), Jordi Abusada (Hijas de Belén), Chechu Graf (Binta y la gran idea)
Carmen Frías (El secreto mejor guardado), Anastasi Rinos (La vida efímera), Fidel Collados (Las siete alcantarillas), Rosa Rodríguez (Hijas de Belén), Javier Fesser (Binta y la gran idea)
Running Time
116 m.
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