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Pregnant realism
Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Le Refuge is a result of Ozon’s wish to shoot a film starring an actress who was genuinely pregnant. This is why the bulge that Isabelle Carré sports in the film is real. The actress admitted that she didn’t enjoy shooting because she felt as if she was on an emotional roller coaster. The director backed her up: “Isabelle is a really sweet woman, while her character is really tough. She was also eight months pregnant and felt really tired and when they needed to repeat a take several times she ended up utterly exhausted. ”The director of Swimming Pool and Eight Women said that French cinema tended to copy formulas from the past. “Not just because of the crisis, but also because producers are really afraid and only get involved in major productions or low-budget art-house films. Medium-sized films are really suffering. ”Ozon, who makes it a rule never to repeat himself, points out: “if I don’t do something original, I lose any desire I have to make films”.


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