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Removing expectations rather than delivering them
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Accompanied by the actor Isaach De Bankolé, Jim Jarmusch presented his latest film The Limits of Control at a press conference in the Kursaal yesterday. Jarmusch joked that it was an action film with no action. What he was really interested in was structuring a film around a series of variations on something that happens over and over again with an open ending so that anyone seeing the film could interpret it in a way that was as valid as the filmmaker’s, and what he wanted people to do was to fill things in for themselves. It was really a dream-like journey that focuses on the main character’s consciousness although he acknowledged that this sounded rather heavier and more philosophical than he intended it to.

Rather than giving people what they expected, he wanted to remove expectations rather than deliver them to the audience, as the possibilities of cinema were so vast.After De Bankolé had revealed that he hadn’t been given a script and this made working with Jarmusch really exciting, the latter recognised that he was attracted to melancholy, which was one of his favourite shades in the palette of emotions, not just in cinema but also in music.

He said he tried not to analyse or compare his films; in fact he never watched them again after he’d finished shooting them and although he did watch a lot of his fellow filmmakers’work, he found it difficult to keep up with the modern stuff as there were so many old films that he wanted to see before he died.

He didn’t think that The Limits of Control had a new style so he didn’t have a name for this kind of film, but he did acknowledge that style was important.“It’s the way you deliver the essence, (which is the most important thing),” and he appreciated deftness of style in all art forms.


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