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“The relationship between the two main characters makes for plenty of comical scenes, and once again we are treated to a brilliant performance by Guillermo Francella”.
Gontzal Agote, BERRIA

“A story based on real-life events, shot by Eduard Cortés with a sharp sense of humour, a carefully crafted atmosphere, and a solid performance from the wonderful Argentinean actor Guillermo Francetta”.
Anton Merikaetxebarria, EL CORREO

“A precise, truthful, emphatic, and at times poetic portrayal of a changing society, committed to inexorable progress that will wait for no man”.
Víctor Esquirol, GARA

“Another unsettling and wonderfully subtle exploration of (...) not only the fear of being young but also, and especially, the fear of being alive”.
Begoña del Teso, DIARIO VASCO

“A film packed with star performers that will break box office records on autumnal Saturdays this year”.
Begoña del Teso, DIARIO VASCO

“The Hypnotist’s tense plot breaks the mould, thanks to the fact that the hypnotist character plays a completely different role in the story than that which we have come to expect in conventional detective dramas”.
Mikel Insausti, GARA

“Bertolucci has woven a sensitive tale here, which is complimented by fine photography and a soundtrack that is as effective as it is appropriate”.
Koldo Landaluze, GARA

“König’s comics contain emotion and tenderness, irony and social and political condemnation. One thing remains constant throughout: Humour”.
Koldo Almandoz, BERRIA

“This is a delightful piece because it speaks to us of freedom, political stances and life philosophies, homosexuals, heterosexuals, men and women”.
Begoña del Teso, DIARIO VASCO

“The film portrays relationships between teenagers with an unrelenting harshness, removing all idealisation from love”.
Beñat Eizagirre Indo, BERRIA

“Six Acts is both modern and a story for the ages".
Fionnula Halligan, SCREENDAILY

“The film gets off to a raucous start, leading us to suspect that Albert will provide us with some memorable moments throughout the film. This turns out to be the case, as he leaves the audience howling with laughter”.
Beñat Eizagirre Indo, BERRIA

“This endearing story does not shy away from depicting the harshness of life within an oppressed social class, and also provides an intricate study of characters as intriguing as they are likeable”.
Koldo Landaluze, GARA

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