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General information

San Sebastian Festival and its Industry Department offer all industry members a platform conceived to facilitate their work during their participation in the Festival and to help promoting films and audiovisual projects presented in the Festival sections.

The industry accreditation provides its holders with access to the following activities and services:





Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum

Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum - September 19, 20, 21

This is a presentation platform for projects at development stage in both Europe and Latin America. The representatives of the selected projects have the chance to pitch their works to industry members during one-to-one meetings thanks to a provided agenda with professionals interested in participating in their projects.


Ikusmira Berriak

Ikusmira Berriak - September 19, 20, 21

Ikusmira Berriak is a programme designed to support audiovisual projects seeking innovation and experimentation in terms of both cinematic language and production means. In the framework of the Forum, the selected projects are showcased to industry professionals and representatives at scheduled meetings.


Zinemaldia & Technology

Zinemaldia Startup Challenge

Zinemaldia & Technology + Zinemaldia Startup Challenge - September, 22

Zinemaldia & Technology, a strategic pledge by the International Film Festival, aims to position itself as a benchmark for reflecting on technology applied to the audiovisual industry. The event includes the presentation of the selected projects of the Zinemaldia Startup Challenge, a master class on audiovisual innovation.

The Zinemaldia Startup Challenge is a contest for business projects. An initiative aiming to foster the generation of new entrepreneurial projects related to innovative technologies applied to the audiovisual field.


Spanish Screenings

Spanish Screenings - Financing & Tech

The Festival will organize 'Spanish Screenings: Financing & Tech', and will host two events: a new meeting between international investors and Spanish production companies; and the creation of a specific competition designed for Spanish entrepreneurs and startups.


WIP Latam

WIP Europa

WIP Latam + WIP Europa - September 19, 20, 21

Since 2020, the San Sebastian International Film Festival has two new sections with the aim to launch films in postproduction stage. On one hand, WIP Latam, for Latin American productions in post-production, substituting Films in Progress after a run of 18 years. On the other hand, WIP Europa is the revamped Glocal in Progress. They, together with the Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum consolidate the Festival as a meeting point between both film industries.

A maximum of six films selected for each WIP will be presented to an audience of professionals in order that they may contribute to their completion and international circulation.


Lau Haizetara Documentary Film Co-Production Forum

Lau Haizetara Documentary Film Co-Production Forum - September 21

Promoted by IBAIA (Association of Independent Production Companies of the Basque Country) in collaboration with San Sebastian Film Festival, this Forum has the core purpose of offering a meeting point for audiovisual professionals interested in documentaries at development stage, while fostering European co-productions and liaisons with professionals from the international film industry.


Thought and discussion

Thought and discussion

The Festival wishes to highlight its nature as a place to meet and convey knowledge through Thought and discussion, an umbrella for activities promoting discussion on the cinema from an industrial, creative and vocational point of view and programmes generating opportunities of agreements and business for creators, producers and distributors.

Figuring in this scope are initiatives ranging from masterclasses, to activities specifically focused on film industry professionals and the specialised media and conversations on relevant subjects for the sector, the Zinemaldia & Technology presentations, the meetings between festival programmers and debates on the phenomenon of series.  

Industria Online

Accessible on the Festival website, this is the space where all the Industry activities will take place, the virtual meeting point.

Access is also available to the list of contacts for the films selected at the Festival and the details of the accredited industry professionals, both online and physically. The list will be daily updated.



During the Festival, industry professionals will receive the Professional Agenda for the following day, along with a compilation of press reactions to the films screened at the Festival.


The Festival Film Library

In collaboration with Cinando, this service is exclusively online, available for any laptop or Tablet.

Available from the first day of the Festival until one month after its ending, every industry professional accredited at the Festival receives an access code for the Film Library before the Festival begins. This code can also be requested from the Industry Department.



The Industry Activities Guide contains information for the projects and films selected for the industry activities. The guide will be available in the Industry Online website section, from September.


The Festival App

Free for iOS and Android, the App helps you to keep up-to-date with the WIP Latam and WIP Europa screenings, round tables, presentations, industry awards announcements, last-minute notifications, etc., and to save the contact details of other professionals using the QR code on their accreditation.


The Industry Club

The Industry Club space, located in the Kursaal Centre, is for the use of Industry accredited professionals. With Internet access, this is a space in which to work, share information and meet in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Festival will implement the necessary health measures to guarantee a safe space.

The team of the Industry Department the San Sebastian International Film Festival is now available in relation to the forthcoming edition, to take place from 16th to 24th September 2022.


Saioa Riba - Head of Industry

Tel: +34 943 48 12 17

2022 in figures
  • 2,026 accredited guests in Industry department
  • 1,353 companies
  • 64 countries
  • 194 projects submitted
  • 14 projects presented
  • 531 one-to-one meetings
  • 281 projects submitted
  • 6 projects presented
  • 117 one-to-one meetings
WIP Latam
  • 175 films submitted
  • 6 films selected
  • 159 attendees
WIP Europa
  • 52 films submitted
  • 4 films selected
  • 71 attendees
  • 55 projects submitted
  • 10 projects selected
  • 78 attendees
    - Series Conference: To be continued ... What happens after a successful first season?
    - LGBTIQA+ Cinema in Latin America: approaches for an inclusive industry.
    - Europa Distribution. Reconstruction: How to create the spark to reignite the passion of
    audiences for diverse, exciting, and risk-taking European cinema.
    - European Producers Club: Crisis in the SVOD market and the consequences for
    the film industry.
    - Zinemaldia & Technology: Metaverse from three points of view.

The Industry Department acknowledges the essential support of the Basque Government Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment and Creative Europe MEDIA.


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