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CACI/Ibermedia Television Films in Progress Award Rules
64th Edition - 2016


This is one of the programmes that IBERMEDIA is carrying out, entitled NUESTRO CINE/NOSSO CINEMA. It aims to disseminate Iberoamerican cinema on public television channels.

Each season lasts for 1 year and envisages screening 52 films per season. The films in each of these seasons are pre-selected by a Selection Committee named for this purpose by the CACI (Conference of Latin American Film Authorities). Later on, the Intergovernmental Committee of the CACI itself confirms the definitive selection.


This is IBERMEDIA’s latest Programme and is the natural successor to IBERMEDIA TV.

IBERMEDIA DIGITAL is an innovative online platform whose aim is to make the films in IBERMEDIA TV’s collection available to cultural, educational and/or training institutions in Iberoamerica.

The films are accompanied by national and international reviews, and placed in their historical film context, with interviews with creators, lectures, master classes, and a complete set of extras and supplementary material on Latin American cinema.

Use is restricted by an access and user control that is managed by the Programme itself.



The contribution –as a SUBSIDY FOR WIDER CIRCULATION- is worth 25,000 USD (fiction)// 15,000.00 USD (documentary).

The films are shown in their original language, with subtitles in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese respectively.


1.-Award presentation:

  • Signing of the Agreement: This shall be conditional on submitting the laboratory certificate with the delivery of materials for the completion of postproduction (as envisaged in the Films in Progress Industry Award Rules, by the 15th of December in the year that the Award is to be presented). At this time 30% of the Award shall be paid.
  • Transfer of rights: Within a maximum period of the four years established in the Agreement, the owner of the rights must announce, a year in advance, permission to screen the film on IBERMEDIA TV & IBERMEDIA DIGITAL. At this time the remaining 70% of the Award shall be paid

The rights shall be transferred in the following conditions, adapting the dates:

Free-to-air screening on Public TV.

Reproduction and transmission by streaming.

The season would start on the 1st of March in the year planned for screening up to the 31st of March in the following year.

The season would start on the 1st of March in the year following its screening on Ibermedia TV up to the 28th of February five years later.

Non-exclusive rights.

Non-exclusive rights.

The television channels that have joined the Programme may screen each film no more than twice.

Streaming is encrypted and restricted to Education/ Training/ Cultural institutions.

Area: Latin America (except for Puerto Rico).

Area: Latin America.

2.-Materials to be sent by the producer/distributor:

  • Master copy of the FILM, preferably in High Definition (HD). Failing this, the minimum quality required shall be BETACAM DIGITAL; the master copy must be in its original language, without subtitles, in its original unconverted format and standard (frames/second).
  • Dialogue list.
  • List of music (Music cue sheet).
  • Information sheet (Ibermedia model).
  • Photos of the director.
  • Film poster.
  • If available, the making of and trailer as well.

If you do not have the rights to transfer could you please inform us and let us know, when appropriate, who is the right person to contact about this.

3.-Announcement of the Award:

The Award shall be announced at the Films in Progress Industry Award-giving Ceremony during the San Sebastian Film Festival.

CACI/Ibermedia Television Films in Progress Award Rules

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