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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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You are in: Home > 2019. 67th Edition  > News > Asier Altuna, César Díaz, Ana García Blaya, Pablo Giorgelli and Mariana Rondón are among those who will present their new projects at the VIII Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum.
Asier Altuna, César Díaz, Ana García Blaya, Pablo Giorgelli and Mariana Rondón are among those who will present their new projects at the VIII Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum.
The Forum, to take place from September 22 to 25, will include projects from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, France, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela
Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

Sixteen projects from twelve countries have been selected for the Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum, which has recorded 209 submissions in its eighth edition.

An adolescent’s turbulent sexual awakening, exile and emigration, the harsh living conditions in many places and sexual exploitation are some of the themes addressed by the projects.

From among the projects selected, eleven will be first or second films: Almamula, by Juan Sebastián Torales, Ruas da Glória / Streets of Gloria by Felipe Sholl, Perros / Dogs, by Gerardo Minutti, Ana no duerme / Sleepless Ana by Daniel Gil Suárez, Dos estaciones, by Juan Pablo González, La hija de todas las rabias / Daughter of Rage, by Laura Baumeister, Los jueces / The Judges, by the Guatemalan César Díaz, whose debut film, Nuestras Madres / Our Mothers, won the SACD Award and the Caméra d’or at the Festival de Cannes 2019 and will compete in Horizontes Latinos and Curuzu / Curuzú, by Ana García Blaya, selected for New Directors with Las buenas intenciones / The Good Intentions.

Also returning to San Sebastian with the projects of their second feature films: Ulises Porra (Los sucios / The Dirty Ones), who was selected in New Directors with Tigre and Gustavo Rondón (El tiempo que perdimos / The Time we Lost), who participated with La Familia in Films in Progress, the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes and Horizontes Latinos.

In the Co-Production Forum, experienced filmmakers who have already participated in the Festival will similarly present their projects: Asier Altuna (Karmele), Benjamín Ávila (El cardinal / The Cardinal) and Neto Villalobos (Amor es el monstruo / Love is the Monster). Some of them have moreover won awards with earlier films: Pablo Giorgelli (Trasfondo) won the Caméra d’or in Festival de Cannes and the Horizontes Award in San Sebastian for Las Acacias; Diego Lerman (El maestro de literature / Literature Teacher) won the Best Screenplay Award in San Sebastian with Una especie de familia / A Sort of Family and Mariana Rondón (Zafari) carried off the Golden Shell with Pelo Malo / Bad Hair.

Since its creation in 2012, the Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum has selected 114 projects, of which 51 have been completed and released, 14 are currently in pre-production or post-production, and 25 have participated in international festivals such as Berlin, Cannes, Locarno, San Sebastian, Sundance and Venice.

The Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum, promoted by the Basque Government Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures and which has the backing of Creative Europe MEDIA, is a reference platform for promoting new audiovisual projects between both film worlds and a meeting point for accredited industry guests at the Festival at which to foster professional agreements and exchange experiences. The Forum has a first day, on September 22, dedicated to a pitching session of the projects selected for the Forum and the five chosen for the fifth edition of the Ikusmira Berriak residencies programme. It will be followed by three days of one-to-one meetings with their producers and directors, coinciding with Films in Progress 36 and the third edition of Glocal in Progress.


Juan Sebastian Torales  (France - Argentina - Luxembourg)
Production: Tu Vas Voir

Amor es el monstruo / Love is the Monster
Neto Villalobos  (Costa Rica - Chile)
Production: Ceibita Films

Ana no duerme / Sleepless Ana
Daniel Gil Suárez  (Spain - Argentina)
Production: Solita Films, SL.

Dos estaciones
Juan Pablo González  (Mexico )
Production: Cine Bandada, SAPI. de CV.

Ana García Blaya  (Argentina - Paraguay)
Production: Nos

El Cardenal / The Cardinal
Benjamín Ávila  (Chile - Argentina - Brazil)
Production: Storyboard Media

El maestro de literatura / Literature Teacher
Diego Lerman  (Argentina - Brazil)
Production: Campo Cine

El tiempo que perdimos / The Time We Lost
Gustavo Rondón  (Mexico - Venezuela - France)
Production: Genuino Films

Asier Altuna  (Spain - France)

La hija de todas las rabias / Daughter of Rage
Laura Baumeister  (Nicaragua - Mexico - Netherlands - Germany)
Production: Felipa Films

Los jueces / The Judges
César Díaz  (Belgium)
Production: Need Productions

Los sucios / The Dirty Ones
Ulises Porra  (Argentina)
Production: Pucara Cine, SRL.

Perros / Dogs
Gerardo Minutti  (Uruguay)
Production: Malbicho Cine

Ruas da Glória / Streets of Gloria
Felipe Sholl  (Brazil - France)
Production: Syndrome Films

Pablo Giorgelli  (Argentina)
Production: Tarea Fina

Mariana Rondón  (Peru - Venezuela - Brazil - Mexico)


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