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Our Newsflashes provide daily updates on the media repercussion enjoyed by the films selected for the different Festival sections and the list of professional activities scheduled for the following day. Newsflashes are sent out to all industry professionals accredited.


We’re flung into the middle of a social protest drama, akin to the social realism of Ken LoachMikel Zumeta, BERRIA


Flows between the almost documentary-like realism of the hand-held camera and the accurate, dazzling and highly refined cinematography from the expert hand of Hélène Louvart.” Ricardo Aldarondo, DIARIO VASCO


This late entry could end up in the top spot. A sure contender for a Golden Shell, without a doubtLuis Martínez, EL MUNDO


Sarah Gavron manages to reverse the dynamic in a brilliant third and final act. The sharp and sincere defence of the values held by a well-coordinated collective is moving.Victor Esquirol, GARA

What makes good film? Among many things, a healthy dose of truth about the human condition and the current times, brought to the audience through carefully chosen language. This is A Thief’s DaughterManuel Hidalgo, EL MUNDO

The audience will be taken aback (…) when they realise how much a person who can’t speak has to say, and that they’re part of some truly emotional, entertaining and intimate conversationsUxue Arzelus, BERRIA


A clarion call to break down barriers, showing that a life fraught with obstacles can still be a good life and exploring the obstacles thrown down by life itself. One of those films that stays with you and never fades.” Harkaitz Cano, DIARIO VASCO

‘Trench’ (...) is an intense, almost note-perfect emotional journey about the fear of political repression and, more broadly, about human vulnerability, despair and resistance. But most of all it’s a grown-up film about love. Jonathan Holland, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

An impressive and amazing film that takes everything to the edge. Brings the audience dangerously close to the limit. The sensation is unique.”  Begoña del Teso, DIARIO VASCO

“‘Light of My Life’ is a sensitive portrayal of the father-daughter relationship in a delicate forest world, with abandoned houses on the alert for danger and with humanism and pacifism dominating much of the film.” Mikel G. Gurpegui, DIARIO VASCO


Actor and director Casey Affleck makes his fiction debut with this post-apocalyptic movie that reveals his talent for capturing sensations and expressions.” Koldo Landaluze, GARA

The miraculous Aretha Franklin. Serious when not singing and a tempest of beauty and pure emotion as soon as she opens her mouth. The choir and churchgoers give it everything. You’ll leave the cinema smiling, crying, knowing that with Aretha you’ll never age Mikel G. Gurpegui, DIARIO VASCO


Pure, untameable energy and a cathartic spiritual communion in which Pollack (though not gifted in the technique department) revealed his talent for capturing faces and emotions so intense that they leave the screen and infect us with all the earthly force transmitted by the great priestess Aretha Franklin Koldo Landaluze, GARA

The nature of the theme, softened by the sympathy, humanity and vitality of the characters, makes it a film worth seeing” Mikel G. Gurpegui, DIARIO VASCO

A film that leaves open spaces and which is hugely alluring despite its ugliness, all thanks to the amazing framing by the director (…) the story is devoted to the characters, to their emotions and their suffering, revealing the inner political and social workings of a country that can be hard to comprehendJavier Ocaña, EL MUNDO


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