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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Five projects on artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and mobile apps to compete in the Zinemaldia Startup Challenge
The selected proposals, coming from Spain, the UK, Norway and Germany, will compete for an award of 10,000 euros, free access during the first year to an incubation space at one of the Business Innovation Centers (BICs) belonging to the Basque Country Technology Park Network and access to funding of up to 500,000 euros

Zinemaldia & Technology will be held online on Friday, September 25, and will include the presentations of the five finalist projects and a masterclass
Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

The call for submissions for the second edition of the Zinemaldia Startup Challenge, the competition for entrepreneurial teams and recently created startups proposing business projects based on the incorporation of new technologies in the audiovisual field, has received 40 projects from nine European countries (Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK). 

The projects received in response to the call for submissions for this pan-European competition, promoted by the Basque Government Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures, propose innovative solutions aimed at the audiovisual field and based on technologies such as big data, augmented reality, virtual reality, the Internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence and 3D printing, among others.

The five finalist projects, whose teams will defend their proposals at the Zinemaldia & Technology event, are PromoMii, a British app using artificial intelligence to automate video creating and editing process; Cinesmart, a Catalan platform based on advergaming and aimed at cinema exhibitors which uses big data; Compliance Management Solution for the Film and TV Industry, a Norwegian platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning intended to enable fulfilment of the regulatory policies in different territories; FilmChain, an application with blockchain technology by a UK company which facilitates financial transactions between the different players in the audiovisual field; and La Quinta Pared, a mobile app developed in Germany where the user’s mobile becomes the mobile of the person playing the lead part in a film to encourage the development of interactive transmedia narratives.   

The five finalists will have the opportunity to join an incubation space at one of the Business Innovation Centers (BICs) located in the Basque Country Technology Park Network and may have access to funding of up to 500,000 euros for developing their project. The winning project, to be decided by a jury, will also receive 10,000 euros.

The Zinemaldia & Technology event which, due to the situation caused by Covid-19, will run online on Friday, September 25, will include presentations of the five finalist projects and a masterclass, shortly to be announced.

The Basque Government, through its Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures, promotes the Zinemaldia Startup Challenge in the framework of the Zinemaldia & Technology event, organised by the San Sebastian Festival, Tecnalia, Tabakalera (through its 2deo audiovisual lab) and Petronor, and has the collaboration of the applied research centre, Vicomtech.

Support of Creative Europe MEDIA through the European Film Forum 

The event also receives, through the European Film Forum initiative, the backing of Creative Europe MEDIA, which has the objective to strengthen the European film and audiovisual industry. Zinemaldia & Technology is a strategic undertaking of the San Sebastian Festival, which aims to position itself as a benchmark space for reflection on technology and the audiovisual industry.


 (United Kingdom)

​Description of the project: The solution automates the most time-consuming, labour-intensive tasks of video editing and creation such as logging, transcribing, analysing and short clip/promo creation. This gives the creatives more time to focus on a strong end result and concept. It’s a tool that enables its users to gain more exposure and create personalised videos/promos on a large scale.

Client profile: Our solution caters to both B2B & B2C. B2B are international broadcasters like BBC (UK), SVT (Sweden), Independent Creators and VOD services like Britbox and Atresplayer. B2C is 18-34 years old digital and social media users and content producers.

Business model: We will obtain economic incomes by offering access to our platform via bespoke monthly subscription services, for example £1000 for 42 videos or promos and 10 hours of footage analysed, and a pay-asyou-go service.

Financing: Our project is already launched in the early stages and we obtain funding through seed capital and business angels.


​Description of the project: Cinesmart is a digital marketing platform, collecting big data, for cinema exhibitors, and other events based on Advergaming, where the spectator interacts with the big screen using their own portable device.

Client profile: B2B solution focussed on the film exhibitor and other events or advertising operators, for the effective monetisation of campaigns as a new channel of income, and optimisation of cross-marketing to secure the client’s loyalty and obtain their profile.

Business model: Several models are available: Software as a Service (Saas) subscription payment, joint exploitation with the exhibitor or by means of an external media manager. Whatever the case, it will represent an additional income-generating channel for the exhibitor.

Financing: Development of the project was been financed with our own means. For the initial stage of launch onto the market, it is thought that some 250,000 euros will be required, which we hope to obtain from public funding. For internationalisation, other funds will be necessary, expected to be obtained from external investors with involvement in the project, contributing synergies and business relations.


​Description of the project: A web platform allowing video editors to ingest their videos and automatically check them against concrete regulatory policies or automate specific processes (age classification, for example).

Client profile: We are targeting audiovisual material creators (studios and production houses), publishers, distributors, TV broadcasters and streaming providers and regulators.

Business model: Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Customers pay for:
1. Number of models used in a given policy.
2. Video hours processed by the tool.

Financing: We have already received a preseed investment of 170,000 euros and soft funding of 70,000 euros from the Norwegian government. Our current capitalisation table consists of:
- Founders: 80%.
- Angel investors, partners and preseed funds: 20%.

 (United Kingdom)

​Description of the project: FilmChain supports content creators, financiers, sales and distributors with an automated money flow, rights tracking and performance insights. It’s a digital collection service that collects, allocates and analyses revenues for film, TV and digital content.

Client profile: FilmChain caters for B2B audiovisual indie companies and corporations. We support producers, sales agents, financiers, funding agencies and have developed an enterprise model which supports distributors and enterprises such as streamers and studios.

Business model: To support individual titles and corporations with extensive slates, we have a two-tiered business model. Individual titles are charged a setup fee and a 1% commission on gross revenues whereas; enterprise clients are charged a yearly are charged a yearly SaaS fee (Software as a Service fee).

Financing: FilmChain has raised investment from institutional investors, grants, angel syndicates and bootstrap. The UK Government made significant contributions with innovation grants from Innovate UK and UK Trade and Investment. FilmChain closed two investment rounds in 2020, with the most recent significant investment from Hearst Media through HearstLab.


​Description of the project: This is a technological device or second screen which synchronises and interacts with the main screen, turning the spectator’s mobile into the phone of the person playing the lead part in the story and generating infinite transmedia narrative possibilities. 

Perfil del cliente: La Quinta Pared se basa en un modelo B2B. Nuestros clientes son las plataformas VOD y las productoras audiovisuales para quienes generaremos contenido. Hablamos de un sello de distinción, un potenciador de contenido: “Powered by La Quinta Pared”.

Modelo de negocio: Para las VOD adoptamos el modelo por conexión de usuario (Payper-User), para las productoras el modelo es de pago por proyecto (Pay-per-Project) y una tercera vía de ingresos se abre con las microtransacciones y el comercio a través de la App.

Financiación: Estimamos una inversión inicial de 170.000 euros durante los dos primeros años, un primer año de desarrollo y un segundo donde prevemos cerrar los primeros acuerdos. El presupuesto del tercer año en adelante podría cubrirse ya con recursos propios de resultados anuales. Zinemaldia Startup Challenge nos permitirá acceder a la financiación requerida.

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