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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Zinemira - Opening Night Film VII Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum
Lara Izagirre, Ane Pikaza
Foto: Montse Castillo
'NORA' (Zinemira)
Foto: Montse Castillo
Ane Pikaza
Foto: Montse Castillo
'NORA' (Zinemira)
Foto: Jorge Fuembuena

Nora is 30 years old; she lives with her Argentinian grandfather Nicolás and regularly takes care of her friend Meri's children. She writes the horoscope for the town newspaper, although her dream is to be a travel writer. When her grandfather dies, she inherits an old Dyane 6. Despite being a terrible driver, Nora will set out aimlessly on a road trip along the Basque coast so that her grandfather's ashes may finally rest beside those of her grandmother. The road will soon teach her that she's not a born traveller and that her dream had nothing to do with roving, but was only an excuse for the chance to be free, to grow, to close wounds and, for the first time, to find her own happiness.


Lara Izagirre (Amorebieta-Etxano, Bizkaia, 1985) graduated in Audiovisual Communication at the University of the Basque Country, continued her film studies at the New York Film Academy, and completed the master's degree in script writing at the ESCAC. In 2010 she founded the production company Gariza Produkzioak, from where she has written, directed and produced the short films Bicycle Poem (2010), Kea (2012), Next Stop: Greenland (2012), Sormenaren Bide Ezkutuak (2013), presented in the Culinary Zinema section at San Sebastian, and Larroxa (2013). In 2015, she premiered her first fictional feature, Un otoño sin Berlín (An Autumn without Berlin), at the San Sebastian Festival's Basque Cinema Gala. Its leading actress, Irene Escolar, won the Goya for Best New Actress. Nora was selected for the Co-Production Forum at San Sebastian in 2018.

Lara Izagirre
Lara Izagirre
Gariza Produkzioak S.L.
Garazi Elorza
Tandem films S.L.
Cristina Zumárraga, Pablo Bossi
La Fidèle Production S.A.R.L.
Jokin Etcheverria
A contracorriente films
Gaizka Bourgeaud
Ibai Elortza
Paula Olaz, Pascal Gaigne
Ane Pikaza, Héctor Alterio, Loli Astoreka, Naiara Carmona, Ramón Barea, Klara Badiola, Kepa Errasti, Iñigo Aranbarri, Joseba Usabiaga, Aia Kruse, Peio Berterretche, Catherine Domain, June Isasi, Paul Correa, Hegoa Negueloua, Aizpea Goenaga, Tessa Andonegi, Nagore González, Ainhoa Artetxe, Joanes Passicot, Jean Marc Toto, Amaia Aberasturi, Itziar Ituño
Running Time
100 m.
Spain - France
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