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The San Sebastian Festival and Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse created, in 2002, Films in Progress, a pioneer industry activity which was born with the intention to back the production of Latin American cinema and to achieve the completion of films at the post-production stage.  

In the changing context of production and distribution in the audiovisual market, in 2020 the San Sebastian International Film Festival launched by itself a new work in progress, WIP Latam, focussed on Latin American productions at the post-production stage and replacing Films in Progress after its 18 years in existence at the San Sebastian Festival. WIP Latam, together with WIP Europa (the new Glocal in Progress) and the Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum will lend strength to the Festival as a meeting point between both film industries.  

WIP Latam will screen up to 6 films and will award the WIP Latam Industry Award given by the companies Ad Hoc Studios, Deluxe Content Services Spain, Dolby, Laserfilm Cine y Vídeo, Nephilim Producciones, No Problem Sonido and Sherlock Films, consisting of the post-production of one of the films screened until obtaining a DCP with English subtitles, and its distribution in Spain. 

Moreover, the EGEDA Platino Industria Award for the best WIP Latam, carrying EUR 30,000 gross, will be handed to the majority producer of the winning film, sponsored by EGEDA, the Audiovisual Producers' Rights Management Association.

Since the beginning, Films in Progress-San Sebastian has enjoyed the support of the Ibermedia Programme and of the companies participating in the Industry Award.

Figures | Films in Progress / WIP Latam - San Sebastian (2012-2021):

  • 54 films selected
  • 44 films completed
  • 32 selected at festivals such as Berlinale, Cannes, Sundance, Locarno, San Sebastian, Venice, etc.
  • 20 films awarded

Success stories | Films in Progress / WIP Latam - San Sebastian (2012-2021):

  • DOS ESTACIONES, Juan Pablo González | World Cinema Dramatic Competition - Sundance, 2022.
  • EL EMPLEADO Y EL PATRÓN / THE EMPLOYER AND THE EMPLOYEE, Manuel Nieto | Quinzaine des Réalisateurs - Festival de Cannes, 2021.
  • SIN SEÑAS PARTICULARES / IDENTIFYNG FEATURES, Fernanda Valadez (first film) | Best Screenplay Jury Award "World Cinema Dramatic Competition", Audience Award – Sundance, 2020; Horizontes Award – San Sebastian International Film Festival, 2020.
  • EL PRÍNCIPE / THE PRINCE, Sebastian Múñoz (first film) | "Queer Lion" Award – Settimana de la Crítica - Venice, 2019.
  • LOS TIBURONES / THE SHARKS, Lucía Garibaldi (first film) | Best Direction Award "World Cinema Dramatic Competition" – Sundance, 2018.
  • LA FAMILIA SUMERGIDA / A FAMILY SUBMERGED, María Alché (first film) | Cineasti del Presente – Locarno FIlm Festival, 2018; Horizontes Award – San Sebastian International Film Festival, 2018.
  • NIÑA ERRANTE / WANDERING GIRL, Rubén Mendoza | Best Film and Best Music - Black Nights Film Festival (Tallin), 2018.
  • FERRUGEM / RUST, Aly Muritiba | "World Cinema Dramatic Competition" – Sundance, 2018.
  • AGOSTO / AUGUST, Armando Capó (first film) | Discovery - Festival de Cine de Toronto, 2019 | Mejor Ópera Prima - Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana, 2019.
  • LA FAMILIA / THE FAMILY, Gustavo Rondón (first film) | Semaine de la Critique - Festival Cannes, 2017
  • PRINCESITA, Marialy Rivas | Toronto, 2017.
  • AQUÍ NO HA PASADO NADA / MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, Alejandro Fernández Almendras | "World Cinema Dramatic Competition" – Sundance, 2016 | Panorama – Berlinale, 2016.
  • RARA, Pepa San Martín (first film) | Generation KPlus Award – Berlinale, 2016.
  • MI AMIGA DEL PARQUE, Ana Katz | Best Screenplay Special Jury Award "World Cinema Dramatic Competition" – Sundance , 2016.
  • IXCANUL, Jayro Bustamante (first film) | Alfred Bauer Silver Bear – Berlinale, 2015.
  • LA MUJER DE BARRO / THE MUD WOMAN, Sergio Castro (first film) | Forum – Berlinale, 2015.
  • MATAR A UN HOMBRE / TO KILL A MAN, Alejandro Fernández Almendras | Jury Grand Award – Sundance, 2014 | Critic Award and Screen Award – Rotterdam, 2014.
  • HISTORIA DEL MIEDO / HISTORY OF FEAR, Benjamin Naishtat (first film) | Berlinale, 2014 | New Directors Prize – San Francisco Film Festival, 2014.
  • GLORIA, Sebastián Lelio (first film) | Best Actress – Berlinale, 2013.
  • TANTA AGUA / SO MUCH WATER, Ana Guevara, Leticia Jorge (first film) | Panorama – Berlinale, 2013.

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