72SSIFF - 20/28 September 2024

Lau Haizetara
2022 Selection

Organised by IBAIA (Association of Independent Audiovisual Producers of the Basque Country) and the San Sebastian Film Festival, this forum is a space in which to present documentary projects to potential funders and experts from the audiovisual and cinema sectors. It is also a meeting point for professionals from the audiovisual sector linked to the documentary genre.

The Forum, to be held in September in the frame of the International Film Festival, has three different phases: workshops, pitching session, and individual meetings.

The workshops are a training activity which takes place during the two days before the Forum starts. They offer producers an opportunity to develop their projects with professional experts who will provide the appropriate tools to extract the projects’ maximum potential.

In the pitching session, the producers will present their projects to a panel of prominent Commissioning Editors.

The program will be complemented with an agenda of one-to-one meetings between the Commissioning Editors and the representatives of the presented projects, with the aim of specifying possible collaboration agreements.

More info: www.lauhaizetara.eu
Contact: lauhaizetara@ibaia.org

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