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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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General information

San Sebastian Festival and its Industry Department offer all industry members a platform conceived to facilitate their work during their participation in the Festival and to help promoting films and audiovisual projects presented in the Festival sections.

Exceptionally this year...

Given the situation due to COVID-19 and exceptionally this year, the industry activities will run exclusively online in some cases (the Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum, Ikusmira Berriak, Zinemaldia & Technology, Lau Haizetara, round tables and masterclasses), or in combined format, i.e. physically and online (the new WIP Latam and WIP Europa).

Access to the industry activities will be available via the Festival website, in the Industry Online area.

Industry accreditation holders present in San Sebastian will also have access to:

  • Screenings in cinemas of the different Festival sections.
  • The workspace and meeting point for Industry professionals in the Kursaal Centre, The Industry Club.
  • Screenings in cinemas of the films selected for WIP Latam and WIP Europa (also available online).
  • A copy of the Activities Guide (also available online).

The industry accreditation provides its holders with access to the following activities and services:

100% online
Online and physical

100% online
Online and physical
100% physical


IX Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum

IX Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum

100% online (19, 20 and 21)

This is a presentation scheme for projects at development stage in both Europe and Latin America. The representatives of the selected projects have the chance to pitch their works to industry members during one-to-one meetings thanks to a provided agenda with professionals interested in participating in their projects.

This year the Forum will run exclusively online. All the information can be found and meetings can be requested through the Festival website: information on the selected projects, pre-recorded pitches, additional material, etc. Please log in with your Industry accreditation codes. The one-to-one meetings will be held on Zoom.


Ikusmira Berriak

Ikusmira Berriak

100% online (20 and 21)

Ikusmira Berriak is a programme designed to support audiovisual projects seeking innovation and experimentation in terms of both cinematic language and production means. In the framework of the Forum, the selected projects are showcased to industry professionals and representatives at scheduled meetings.

This year Ikusmira Berriak will run exclusively online. Meetings can be organised and full information can be found on the selected projects, including the pre-recorded pitches, on the Festival website, logging-in as an Industry accredited professional. The one-to-one meetings will be held on Zoom.


Zinemaldia & Technology - Zinemaldia Startup Challenge

Zinemaldia & Technology - Zinemaldia Startup Challenge

100% online (25)

Zinemaldia & Technology, a strategic pledge by the International Film Festival, aims to position itself as a benchmark for reflecting on technology applied to the audiovisual industry. The event includes the presentation of the selected projects of the Zinemaldia Startup Challenge, a master class on audiovisual innovation. This year the event will run exclusively online and will be open to all publics.

The Zinemaldia Startup Challenge is a contest for business projects. A public-private initiative aiming to foster the generation of new entrepreneurial projects related to innovative technologies applied to the audiovisual field.


WIP Latam - WIP Europa

WIP Latam - WIP Europa

Cines Príncipe + online (22, 23 and 24)

This year, the San Sebastian Festival introduces a new work in progress, WIP Latam, for Latin American productions in post-production, substituting Films in Progress after a run of 18 years. WIP Latam, together with WIP Europa (the revamped Glocal in Progress) and the Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum consolidate the Festival as a meeting point between both film industries.

A maximum of six films selected for each WIP will be presented to an audience of professionals in order that they may contribute to their completion and international circulation. Exceptionally this year, the activity will run both physically and online. The films will be screened at the Principe Cinemas and will be available online via the Festival Film Library (CinandoVL) from their first screening until Saturdatuy the 26th.


XVI Foro de Coproducción de Documentales Lau Haizetara

XVI Lau Haizetara Documentary Film Co-Production Forum

100% online (24 and 25)

Promoted by IBAIA (Association of Independent Production Companies of the Basque Country) in collaboration with San Sebastian Film Festival, this Forum has the core purpose of offering a meeting point for audiovisual professionals interested in documentaries at development stage, while fostering European co-productions and liaisons with professionals from the international film industry.

Exceptionally this year, the activity is split into two online dates, during which the producers will explain their projects to a panel of distinguished European commissioning editors and different professionals from the sector. These will be followed by an agenda of one-to-one virtual meetings.


Reflection and discussion

Reflection and discussion

100% online

Every year the Industry Department hosts numerous events inviting reflection, thought and discussion. This year all of them will run exclusively online. The round tables, events and conferences will be announced in the Online Agenda and their access will be open to all publics.

The European Film Forum is a platform created by the European Commission to establish dialogue with audiovisual sector professionals. The session will be open to access for all publics and will have a webinar format.

Industria Online

Accessible on the Festival website, this is the space where all the Industry activities will take place, the virtual meeting point.

Access is also available to the list of contacts for the films selected at the Festival and the details of the accredited industry professionals, both online and physically. The list will be daily updated.



From September 18 to 26, industry professionals will receive the Professional Agenda for the following day, along with a compilation of press reactions to the films screened at the Festival.


The Festival Film Library

From September 18 to October 26

In collaboration with CinandoVL, this service is exclusively online, available for any laptop or Tablet.

Available from September 18 to October 26, every industry professional accredited at the Festival receives an access code for the Film Library before the Festival begins. This code can also be requested from the Industry Department.



The Industry Activities Guide contains information for the projects and films selected for the industry activities. The guide will be available in the Industry Online website section, although a copy will be available onsite during the Festival.


The Festival App

Free for iOS and Android, the App helps you to keep up-to-date with the WIP Latam and WIP Europa screenings, round tables, presentations, industry awards announcements, last-minute notifications, etc., and to save the contact details of other professionals using the QR code on their accreditation.


The Industry Club

The Industry Club space, located in the Kursaal Centre, is for the use of Industry accredited professionals. With Internet access, this is a space in which to work, share information and meet in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Festival will implement the necessary health measures to guarantee a safe space.

The team of the Industry Department the San Sebastian International Film Festival is now available in relation to the forthcoming edition, to take place from 18th to 26th September 2020.


Saioa Riba / Esperanza Luffiego
(Heads of Industry)

Tel: +34 943 48 12 17

2019 in figures
  • 1,749 accredited guests in Industry department
  • 1,209 companies
  • 62 countries
  • 969 networking area attendees
  • 209 projects submitted
  • 16 projects presented
  • 782 one-to-one meetings
  • 572 round table participants
  • 185 films submitted
  • 6 films selected
  • 227 attendees from 32 contries
  • 16 films submitted
  • 3 films selected
  • 85 attendees from 21 countries
  • 32 projects submitted
  • 5 projects selected
  • 103 attendees

And more than 30 activities and meetings in the Industry Department…

The Industry Department acknowledges the essential support of the Basque Government Department of Economic Development and Infrastructure and Creative Europe MEDIA.


The Industry Department has the support of:
Media Partner:
The Industry Department has the support of:
Media Partner:

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