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You are in: Home > 1992. 40th Edition  > Sections and Films
All the films of the 40 edition: all films
Films: 122
Running time
Roman Polanski
Closing Night Film
Not in competition
Pedro Olea
Opening Night Film
Not in competition
Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Not in competition
Robert Altman
Not in competition
Jonathan Kaplan
Not in competition
Harry Cleven
90 min.
Leonce Ngabo
90 min.
Tamra Davis
96 min.
Helke Misselwitz
87 min.
Claudio Bondi
90 min.
Bruce Ornstein
96 min.
Charles Bugbee
Chris Markle
101 min.
Yilmaz Arslan
80 min.
Eiichi Uchida
114 min.
Antonio Tibaldi
86 min.
Moncef Dhouib
100 min.
Chus Gutierrez
94 min.
L.A. Puopolo
91 min.
Jonathan D. Gift
87 min.
Michael Hammon
96 min.
Edward James Olmos
Derek Jarman
Agnieszka Holland
112 min.
Julie Taymor
60 min.
Alexandre Rockwell
Lucian Pintilie
Denis Arcand
Michel Brault
Atom Egoyan
Léa Pool
Patricia Rozema
125 min.
Stephen La Rooque
Goran Paskaljevic
John Frankenheimer
John T. Davis
91 min.
Pierre Falardeau
Manon Leriche
76 min.
Walter Marti
Reni Mertens
81 min.
Jerome de Missolz
Evelyne Ragot
90 min.
John Cassavetes
129 min.
John Cassavetes
110 min.
John Cassavetes
142 min.
John Cassavetes
141 min.
John Cassavetes
144 min.
John Cassavetes
87 min.
Jerzy Domaradzki
112 min.
Antonio Eguino
87 min.
Oscar Barney Finn
Alberto Fischerman
Ricardo Wulicher
93 min.
Carlos Oteyza
24 min.
Federico Garcia
95 min.
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