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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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This is the story of a neighbourhood. It could be any of the areas sprawling out from the big cities that are ignored by both the metro and money. Javi, Manu and Rai are at that age when they are neither men nor children, when they talk a lot about girls but hardly ever with them. They live in an area with huge blocks of subsidised flats, built in dark brick and the poorest of tastes. There's not much to do, and even less so in the month of August. The city centre is long way off and difficult to reach. Time in these parts of town passes more slowly, and in summer, as we already know, that's the one thing there's lots of. Far too much not to spend it on getting into trouble.
Born in Madrid in 1968, Fernando Leon de Aranoa won the Goya for the Best New Director in 1998 with his first feature, Familia, as well as other awards at different festivals. He also directed the short Sirenas and is the author of several screenplays. As well as scripts for his own films, he wrote those of Los hombres siempre mienten, Insomnio, Por fin solos and Corazón loco, not to mention different TV series (Turno de oficio, diez años después).
Fernando León de Aranoa
Fernando León de Aranoa
Alfredo Mayo
Hechos contra el decoro
Críspulo Cabezas, Timy, Eloi Yebra, Marieta Orozco
Running Time
99 m.
Spain - France
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