72SSIFF - 20/28 September 2024
Films in Progress
Films in Progress
Carlos Serrano Azcona
70 min.
Santiago is leaving his family. The judge has ruled that he must stay away from his wife and children. Not only that, but these events and his lifestyle "oblige" him to work in a friend's bar. However, he gets the sack. This is the beginning of the worst time in his life, forcing him to face his reality and the responsibility of doing something about it or dying.
Santiago Loza
78 min.
A man in a suit makes one trip after another, in a collective minibus, on a raft, on foot. With him he carries a bag of money to pay for his wife's kidnap ransom. He's waiting for the signal to act. He makes these trips to escape police observation. He's alone. Accidentally alone. These journeys are useless, erratic. The border city suburb landscapes are something new, unknown to him. As remote and different as the North Pole.
Cristián Jiménez
Sebastián Silva
117 min.
Raquel, a bitter and introverted woman, has been the Valdés family's maid for 23 years. One day Pilar, her mistress, hires another maid to help Raquel with her chores. Raquel, feeling her place in the family threatened, drives the new arrival away with cruel psychological abuse. This happens time and again, until Pilar hires Lucy, a merry girl from the countryside who has never worked as a maid before. It is Lucy who finally breaks the barrier Raquel has erected around herself.
Rigoberto Perezcano
95 min.
Andrés, a young boy from Oaxaca, tries time and again to make an illegal crossing to the USA. But death, thirst and the desert stand in the way of his dream. Just when he seems to have given up, the call of the North crawls back under his skin and he sets off on a last, almost impossible, yet brilliant endeavour to succeed.
Florence Jaugey
90 min.
Managua, today. Yuma wants to be a boxer. In her poor neighborhood, gangs fight for control of the street. In her home, lovelessness is the name of the game. She dreams of the ring, energy and agile feet and hands. They are also her only options. A street, a theft, a chance encounter: Yuma meets Ernesto, a journalism student from the other side of the city. Despite their differences, they fall in love, attracted to each other by their shared desire to find their own space in the world.
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