72SSIFF - 20/28 September 2024
Eran Riklis
106 min.
Salma, a Palestinian widow, decides to do battle with the Israeli Minister of Defence, whose house lies alongside her lemon tree grove, on the border between Israel and the West Bank. It's not long before the police decree that Salma's trees pose a real threat to the Minister of Defence and his family, ordering that they be cut down. But Salma decides to fight to save her trees and her life.
Woody Allen
96 min.
Two young American women, Vicky and Cristina, come to Barcelona for a summer holiday. Vicky is sensible and engaged to be married; Cristina is emotionally and sexually adventurous. In Barcelona, they're drawn into a series of unconventional romantic entanglements with Juan Antonio, a charismatic painter, who is still involved with his tempestuous ex-wife, Maria Elena. Set against the luscious Mediterranean sensuality of Barcelona, Vicky Cristina Barcelona is a funny and open-minded celebration of love in all its configurations.
Majid Majidi
96 min.
Karim works at an ostrich farm outside of Tehran. He leads a simple and contented life with his family in his small house, until one day when one of the ostriches runs away. Karim is blamed for the loss and fired from the farm. Soon after, he travels to the city in order to repair his elder daughter's hearing aid but finds himself mistaken for a motorcycle taxi driver. Thus begins his new profession: ferrying people and goods through heavy traffic. But the people and material goods that he deals with daily start to transform Karim's generous and honest nature, much to the distress of his wife and daughters. It is up to those closest to him to restore the values that he had once cherished.
Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
El analista Osborne Cox llega al cuartel general de la CIA para una reunión ultrasecreta. Por desgracia para él, el secreto no tarda en salir a la luz: le han despedido. Cox no encaja muy bien la noticia y regresa a su casa en Georgetown, Washington DC, para entregarse a la redacción de sus memorias y a la bebida. Su esposa Katie ya hace tiempo que tiene una aventura con Harry Pfarrer, un agente federal casado. En un barrio a las afueras de la capital, en un mundo totalmente diferente, Linda Litzke, empleada de un gimnasio, tiene dificultad para concentrarse en su trabajo. Sólo piensa en hacerse la cirugía plástica total y decide confiar su plan a su compañero Chad. Cuando un disco con las memorias del analista de la CIA llega accidentalmente a manos de Linda y Chad, los dos deciden sacar provecho de esta casualidad. Los acontecimientos se precipitan en una serie de oscuros e hilarantes encuentros fortuitos.
Bernard Shakey
96 min.
CSNY/Déjà Vu follows Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young on their 2006 Freedom of Speech tour of the States, largely featuring songs from Neil Young's controversial Living with War album. Through journalist Michael Cerre, who is covering the tour, the documentary gives spectators a closer look at the fans' reactions to the words and the group's connection with its admirers, all set against the backdrop of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and events surrounding the 2006 elections in the USA.
Laurent Cantet
124 min.
François and the other teachers are steeling themselves for yet another term at a secondary school in a conflictive neighbourhood. Full of good intentions, hoping to convey the best education to their students, they arm themselves against dejection. But cultures and attitudes clash in the classroom, microcosmos of today?s France. No matter how amusing and stimulating the adolescents are, their behaviour can take the wind out of any teacher?s enthusiasm. While François? incredible frankness surprises his pupils, his strict code of ethics takes a knock when the youngsters start to reject his methods.
Mike Leigh
122 min.
Poppy is a young, cheerful, open and generous primary school teacher. She's a free spirit who takes life as it comes, always with a positive attitude. When her bike is stolen, she decides it's time to get her driving licence. The driving school instructor is uptight and bitter, but as they get to know each other better, Poppy will end up teaching him more than he can teach her.
Olivier Assayas
103 min.
Three 40-something-year-old siblings' paths clash when their mother, responsible for administrating their uncle's impressive 19th century art collection, suddenly passes away. All three are obliged to come to an understanding and iron out their differences. Adrienne is a successful designer in New York, Frédéric, an economist and university lecturer in Paris, and Jérémie, a dynamic businessman based in China. The three have to deal with the end of their childhood, shared memories, their origins and their particular view of the future.
Simon Staho
92 min.
Lars and Susanna have been married for twenty years. They love each other dearly and together have created a secure, happy existence with well-paid jobs, a large house, two cars and a daughter who is about to move away from home. Life has turned out just as happily and comfortably for Susanna's best friend Ann and her husband Ulf, who will also shortly be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. One evening when the two couples are having dinner together, Susanna tells the others about an adulterous colleague. The story provokes strong reactions that cause a dramatic showdown between the two couples, and turns their lives and marriages upside down.
Steve McQueen
96 min.
Hunger follows life in the high-security Maze Prison, Northern Ireland, with an interpretation of the highly emotive events surrounding the riot and subsequent IRA Hunger Strike led by Bobby Sands in 1981 to protest for special category status for republican prisoners, in which ten people lost their lives. New prisoner Davey Gillen is brought in amid this situation. He is put into a cell with Gerry Campbell, a veteran hardened to the horrific realities of the institution. Everyday life is also living hell for the prison officers, among whom are Raymond Lohan, a victim of the riot. Meanwhile, Father Dominic Moran tries to persuade Bobby Sands to abandon the idea of starting a hunger strike.
Fernando Eimbcke
81 min.
In an attempt to escape from a home where sorrow reigns, Juan, a 16 year-old boy, crashes a car. As he scours the city trying to fix the car, he meets Don Heber, an old mechanic whose only companion is Sica, his boxer dog; Lucía, a clueless young mother working at an autoparts store; and David, a mechanic obsessed with Bruce Lee and martial arts. Through his contact with the absurd and bewildering worlds of these characters, Juan comes to understand an event as natural and inexplicable as death.
Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Japan-Holland-Hong Kong 
119 min.
Tokyo Sonata is a portrait of a seemingly ordinary Japanese family. The father who abruptly loses his job conceals the truth from his family; the eldest son in college hardly returns home; the youngest son furtively takes piano lessons without telling his parents; and the mother, who knows deep down that her role is to keep the family together, cannot find the will to do so. From the exterior, all is normal and the same. But somehow, a single, unforeseeable chasm has appeared within the family, only to spread ever so quietly and quickly to disintegrate them.
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