72SSIFF - 20/28 September 2024
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1. A la sombra de los árboles
Director: Matías Rojas Valencia
Production Company: Don Quijote Films
Country: Chile
2. Camino a La Paz
Director: Francisco Varone
Production Company: Gema Films, Concreto Films
Country: Argentina-Bolivia
3. Demonios tus ojos
Director: Pedro Aguilera Londaiz
Production Company: Pedro Aguilera P.C.
Country: Spain-Colombia
4. Do outro lado da lua
Director: André Gevaerd
Production Company: CineramaBC
Country: Brazil-Argentina
5. Donde sueñan los salvajes
Director: Adrián Saba
Production Company: Flamingo Films
Country: Peru
6. El acompañante
Director: Pavel Giroud
Production Company: Tu Vas Voir
Country: Cuba-France
7. La noche oscura del alma
Director: Augusto Sandino
Production Company: Altiplano Cinematográfica-Schweizen Media Group S.A.S.
Country: Colombia
8. La puerta del amor
Director: Ana Díez
Production Company: Shangri-la P.C. S.L.
Country: Spain
9. La tierra y la sombra
Director: César Augusto Acevedo
Production Company: Burning Blue
Country: Colombia-France
10. Las toninas van al este
Directors: Gonzalo Delgado and Verónica Perrotta
Production Company: Gonzalo Delgado-Verónica Perrotta S.H.
Country: Uruguay-Argentina
11. Niño nadie
Director: Fernando Guzzoni
Production Company: Solita Producciones LTDA
Country: Chile-France
12. Operación Concha
Director: Antonio Cuadri
Production Company: Abra Prod. S.L.
Country: Spain
13. Pozo de aire
Director: Milagros Mumenthaler
Production Company: Ruda Cine
Country: Argentina-Switzerland
14. Sin muertos no hay carnaval
Director: Sebastián Cordero Espinosa
Production Company: Carnaval Cine
Country: Ecuador-Argentina-Germany
15. Virgen Exótica
Director: Mario Esteban Castaño Solano
Production Company: Castaño Producciones
Country: Colombia-Norway


16. Tamara y la Catarina (not eligible for the Award)
Director: Lucía Carreras
Production Company: Filmadora Producciones
Country: Mexico

For more information about the II. Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum: Industryclub@sansebastianfestival.com

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Formerly CEO of ACE - Ateliers du Cinema Europeen, Sophie Bourdon is today working as a freelancer for the international film industry at the crossroads between professional training, consulting in co-productions and international sales and match making at festivals. Her main objective is to help building bridges between producers from Europe and their peers from other continents.

During her 11 years at the Head of ACE, she worked with more than 200 independent producers on the development of their projects. Films (co-)produced by ACE Members include "No Man's Land", "Magdalene Sisters", "Dance with Bashir", "Incendies", "La Soledad", "La Cienaga", "El Custodio", "Gigante". Prior to ACE, Sophie used to be an international sales agents, for 9 years in Paris, working for MK2 among others.


Started as a contributor to magazines on film and cultura: Film Ideal, Nuestro Cine, Cuadernos para el diálogo, Primer Acto. He collaborated in numerous series and programmes for Spanish television, TVE, and was director of the weekly film programme, Fila 7; from 1987 to 1992 he was the company’s Assistant Director of External Production. He has also held a variety of executive positions with the Sogecable group, including Director of the programme Magacine and Director of Own Productions with Canal Plus. He was Director of the San Sebastian Film Festival for two years and a member of its Management Committee until 1997.

Manuel was also head of the Production Department at the San Antonio de los Baños International Film and Television School in Cuba between 1998 and 2000. He is the author of four books: Correspondencia inacabada con Arturo Ripstein, Nuevo Cine Alemán, Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, and Problemas del Nuevo Cine.
His more recent positions include Director of Cinematography with the Spanish Ministry of Culture (ICAA) (2004) and Director of TVE (2005-2007).


Holds a Degree in Social Communication. Producer and director of the feature films Acné (2008) – premiered at the Festival de Cannes Directors’ Fortnight - and La vida útil (A Useful Life, 2010). Both films have landed festival awards and have been commercially released in several countries.

He contributed to the Uruguay International Film Festival programme and worked for four years at the Filmoteca Española. Federico is currently Delegate for Latin America at the San Sebastian Festival.


  • “EL ACOMPAÑANTE” directed by Pavel Giroud and produced by Areté Audiovisual (Cuba-France)

Sponsored by EGEDA, (Audiovisual Producer’s Rights Management Association)


  • LA TIERRA Y LA SOMBRA” directed by César Augusto Acevedo and produced by Burning Blue (Colombia-France)

As an extension to the San Sebastian Forum, and as a result of the "Forging Alliances" collaboration agreement signed with the Producers Network of the Marché du Film (Festival de Cannes) and Argentina’s INCAA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales), a number of these projects will be able to continue their international trajectory thanks to participation in the Ventana Sur market and in the coming edition of the Cannes Producers Network. This initiative will lend a decisive boost to their international promotion.

The selected projects to attend Ventana Sur are:

  • Pedro Aguilera Londaiz from PEDRO AGUILERA P.C.(Demonios tus ojos)
  • Edgar Tenembaum from TU VAS VOIR (El acompañante)
  • José María Lara from SHANGRI-LA P.C. S.L. (La puerta del amor)
  • Marianne Dumoulin from JBA PRODUCTION (Niño nadie)
  • Alberto Gerrikabeitia from ABRA PROD S.L. (Operaciòn concha)
  • Eugenia Mumenthaler from ALINA FILM (Pozo de aire)
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