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Our Newsflashes provide daily updates on the media repercussion enjoyed by the films selected for the different Festival sections and the list of professional activities scheduled for the following day. Newsflashes are sent out to all industry professionals accredited.


Surely the most powerful auteur on the Spanish film scene (…) An undoubtedly perfect workVictor Esquirol, GARA

One of the most daring, clever and personal inquiries into the web of masks, symbols and fraud that so defines us (…) Vermut is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing, mature and unique voices in new Spanish film. And he’s growing louderLuis Martínez, EL MUNDO

A delight that should be savoured slowly and carefully, because the plot has one or two poisonous seedsGontzal Agote, BERRIA

Carlos Vermut has conceived a fascinating tale. The story is replete with tension, excitement and intent and countless furling and unfurlingJuan Zapater, NOTICIAS DE GIPUZKOA

A beautiful and well-constructed labyrinth around the act of giving and receiving, helping and exploiting, duplicity and imitation, having one’s own identity and wanting to be someone else, losing or winning trust in oneself and in othersAlberto Moyano, EL DIARIO VASCO

The essence of the Carlos Vermut film narrative and perhaps more polished for the occasion: an unsettling story which opens up like a wound, triggering various states of anxiety in the process, among them pain, forgetfulness and stripped identitiesOti Rordiguez Marchante, ABC

Sequences that take your breath away and make you feel like cinema is the art of all arts (…) There’s majesty, mystery and solemnityJuan Zapater, NOTICIAS DE GIPUZKOA

Kawase’s films are so zen and contemplative, they create the same inner peace as a mouthful of green teaOti Rordiguez Marchante, ABC

Images filled with pure beauty; almost electrifyingVictor Esquirol, GARA

It’s a darkly funny look at consumerism, fetishism and lonely-hearts ads that features dreams, killer dresses and untimely deaths (…) Strickland is able to divert the narrative away from social commentary to highlight the humorous and musical aspects of the filmKaleem Aftab, CINEUROPA

Brave, sharp, unpredictable, a ruthless parody, bold, a crazy narrative, as chaotic and absurd as life itself (…) It makes an undeniable impact that can still be felt days after seeing it. And that’s saying somethingHarkaitz Cano, EL DIARIO VASCO

Bombastic Korean action, technically impeccable, the scenes flit from solemn verbal drama to chases, shootings and stilted cameraworkDani Soriazu, EL DIARIO VASCO

Spectacular (…) stunning, overflowing and a brilliant homage to the unforgettable film Jin-RohJuan Zapater, NOTICIAS DE GIPUZKOA

One of the most outstanding works of contemporary Basque cinemaGorka Erostarbe and Maider Galardi F. Agirre, BERRIA

This chronical of a breakdown, of so many breakdowns, does well from the fact that Nature devours it, that our closest landscapes (...) lose their usual aspect and transform almost into a landscape left after some future apocalypse Begoña del Teso, EL DIARIO VASCO

Celia Rico Clavellino lives up to the expectations generated around her meticulously attentive portraits of a mother-daughter relationship brought to life by her excellent actressesAlfonso Rivera, CINEUROPA

“A beautiful poem on a not-so-pretty theme. That is, the social burden of the patriarchy. The film makes its point using evocative images and a brilliant idea: turn men (or males) into animalsGARA

Xacio Baño’s first feature length film has been painstakingly put together (…) The brilliant performance from María Vazquez enriches the story and the spectacular shots chosen by the Galician director take the film to a whole other levelUxue Arzelus, BERRIA

Representations of the body and desire are changing something on the screenGorka Erostarbe and Maider Galardi F. Agirre, BERRIA

“I was moved (…) a praiseworthy aesthetic (black and white, no soundtrack), monumental camerawork (…) the formidable visual language expresses sensations and feelings with depthCarlos Boyero, EL PAÍS

A family story in marvellous black and white (…) There’s much to see in Roma, from the simple, minimal and intimate to the other, gigantic side that depicts earthquakes and turbulence, both social and personal. It gets under your skin, not by piercing or cutting aggressively but as though the story were spread on like a moisturising creamOti Rordiguez Marchante, ABC

The complexity and intrigue of the characters is perfectly depicted (…) the film trots along joyfully, awakening mutual understanding, and frolics with a touch of humour that doesn’t take away its emotional factor. An enjoyable and sensitive movie that even throws some questions out about humanityMikel G. Gurpegui, EL DIARIO VASCO

Jacques Audiard has created one of the best portraits about mutual understanding, respect and brotherly love of recent times (…) An impeccable narrative and powerful visuals, the film from the director of A Prophet is among the most gratifying surprises of the yearKoldo Landaluze, GARA

“Pace, brilliance and vitality. The film brings a smile to your face with its featherweight (though equally combative) tone, its scintillating dialogue, its entanglements, its use of satire and its 70s feelMikel G. Gurpegui, EL DIARIO VASCO

They want to explain the origins of drug trafficking (…) they discuss tradition and spirituality (…) a fresh perspective which is miles away from the other offerings on this now-fashionable issueUxue Arzelus, Berria

Beautiful and memorable Carlos Boyero, EL PAÍS

Its trump card is the combination of fiction with archive material, with images of daily life in the city in the 70s (…) a true portrait of a dark timeOskar Belategui, EL CORREO


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