71SSIFF - 22/30 September 2023
New Directors
New Directors
Oren Gerner
82 min.
When retired 68 year-old Meir discovers that his 30 years of planning the annual village celebration have been summarily discarded and the job has been given to inexperienced local teens instead, the ground beneath his feet begins to give way. In his effort to restore a sense of meaning and vitality, Meir begins to rebel against the inevitable: the betrayal of his physical body, the growing distance from his children, and the loss of relevance. First feature film by Oren Gerner, winner of Nest Film Students Best Short Film Award with Greenland (2014).
Jorge Riquelme Serrano
98 min.
A family enthusiastically disembarks on a deserted island on Chile’s southern coast with the dream of building a tourist hotel. When the man who brought them across from the continent disappears, the family is trapped on the island. Suffering from the cold, with no water or assurances, the spirits and good manners start fading to reveal the beasts hidden within the family. Second feature film by its director.
Films in Progress 35
Jorunn Myklebust Syversen
94 min.
On the surface 19-year-old Mirjam's life seems perfect. She's a world champion freestyle disco dancer and the pride of her modern, evangelical church. Yet her body is calling out for help and at the dance world championships, where she is defending her title, she collapses on stage. Her family's solution is for her to focus more on her faith. In search of answers, she turns to a stricter, more conservative church. Second feature film by its director.
Sophie Koehler
© Sophie Koehler
Lucía Alemany
93 min.
Lis is a teenager whose dream is to become a circus artist and leave her hometown, even if she knows that to do it she’ll have to fight her side against her parents. It’s summer and she spends her days playing with her friends and flirting with her boyfriend, a few years older than herself. The lack of privacy and the neighbours’ constant gossip force Lis to keep their relationship secret so that her parents won’t find out. A relationship which change her live forever. Debut film.
Ana García Blaya
86 min.
The early 90s in Buenos Aires. Amanda is 10 years old; she has two younger brothers and separated parents with whom the children alternately live. When they’re with their father, Amanda has to act like an adult and take care—as she can—of everyone, since Gustavo is a rather peculiar character who barely loves his children any more than he loves himself. But one day, their mother suggests an alternative outside the country, far from her father’s messy existence, throwing Amanda into turmoil. Debut film.
Maider Fernández Iriarte
70 min.
Jordi was born 51 years ago with cerebral palsy. Although he can’t speak, he tries to communicate using his letter chart. That’s how he tells Maider, the director of the film, that at the age of 21 he felt God talking to him for the first time. But today, now that he has moved out of his parent’s house into a home, he no longer feels God. Once a year, Jordi makes a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, where he searches for his connection with God, despite not knowing if God will come back one day. Debut film. Project developed at the Ikusmira Berriak residencies programme. REC Grabaketa Estudioa Post-Production Award.
Ikusmira Berriak 2014
Gjorgji Klincarov
© Gjorgji Klincarov
Delphine Lehericey
Switzerland - Belgium 
90 min.
Summer 76', there's a heatwave and the Swiss countryside is drying out at top speed. In this stifling environment, Gus who is thirteen years old and son of a farmer, sees both his family environment and his innocence relentlessly breaking. He's living the end of a world. Second feature film by its director.
Hinde Boujeema
Tunisia - Belgium - France - Qatar 
92 min.
While her husband is in jail, Noura meets Lassad. They are in love and want to live together, but Jamel is released from jail and the law says that Noura must go back and live with him. Second feature film by its director.
Fyzal Boulifa
UK - France 
87 min.
Lynn and Lucy are life-long best friends, their relationship as intense as any romance. Neither has ventured far from where they grew up. Lynn, who married her first boyfriend and whose daughter is fast growing up, is delighted when the charismatic, volatile Lucy has her first baby boy. Lucy, however does not react to being a mother as Lynn expects. Soon, they find their friendship is tested in extreme circumstances. Debut film.
Ignas Jonynas
Lithuania - Latvia - Ukraine - Spain 
90 min.
Jonas pretends to be blind and enters a TV dance contest where he meets his attractive dance partner, Saulé. They soon become the show’s most popular contestants. Meanwhile, Vytas, an old acquaintance of Jonas, is released from jail hungry for revenge, firm in the belief that he isn’t the only person responsible for his wife’s death, but that her former lover, Jonas, shares the guilt. Second feature by its director, winner of Glocal in Progress 2018.
Glocal In Progress II
Lee Jihyoung, Kim Sol
South Korea 
81 min.
Siblings Sumin and Jinho live together. One day, their parents announce their imminent divorce. They tell them that they haven't yet decided how the four members of the family will be divided up and ask them to wait for some two weeks. Sumin is worried that she'll be separated from Jinho and wants to know if she'll live with her father or her mother. Until one day, her parents make a suggestion. Debut film.
Svetla Tsotsorkova
Bulgaria - Qatar 
97 min.
A small town in present-day Bulgaria. A mother and her two daughters are struggling to survive. The dreamy and distracted younger daughter often invents stories in order to make life more interesting. Unwittingly, she eventually gets caught in the trap of her own lies and destroys her older sister's well-ordered materialistic world. Meanwhile, the two sisters find out the truth about their mother. Second feature film by its director.
David Raboy
USA - France 
99 min.
On her graduation day, Charlotte learns that her first love has returned to her small Georgia town for the first time since vanishing the year before, in the midst of an awful trauma in her life. But that night, a girl her age is found dead, and then another. Something terrible is happening in the place and Charlotte's final summer speeds towards a nightmarish conclusion. Debut film.
Koichi Doi
72 min.
Motonari Okura comes from a family of artists with 650 years of history as performers of Japan's traditional stage art, Kyogen. One winter he and his 10-year-old son leave for a house deep in the mountains to train in a strict regime that includes rehearsing and cleaning. One day they are visited by an old friend and his granddaughter. Debut film.
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