71SSIFF - 22/30 September 2023
Rokhaya Marieme Balde
27 min. Short film
Rokhaya, a young director returns to her home in Dakar to make a film about a local historical figure. Throughout her research, which consists of interviews with local personalities, discussions with her team and fictional scenes shot on location, we discover the story of Aline Sitoe Diatta.
Naomi Pacifique
UK - Netherlands - Switzerland  
22 min. Short film
Nights are long inside Naomi and Ram's room. Tonight, they've invited Marina over and their messy space is under scrutiny. Exploring intimacy as personal playground, skin as intimate map, Naomi's docile body is coming loose amidst the tension of a room she continues knowing and unknowing. The small expressive child inside her is itching to ring its giggle through the night, before day breaks.
Alván Prado
10 min. Short film
On a cold April afternoon, coming down a mountain, Marcos and Iván will be faced with deciding whether to cover up or take responsibility for an action they have just committed.
Lucy Kerr
19 min. Short film
While images produced for Hollywood appear slick and controlled, a stunt performer's testimony in Crashing Waves reveals otherwise, as they parse out all of the elements that go into a car crashing off a cliff and diving into the water for a TV show. Though the image produced and edited creates a split-second moment of violence for the viewer's pleasure, Crashing Waves uncovers the months of labor, training, and danger that the stunt involved, contingent on capitalist, patriarchal hierarchies in the film industry. The film meditates on the stakes of the real in the dominant culture's production of images and emphasizes the importance of the ethics of care.
Leonardo Martinelli
20 min. Short film
João is a delivery man who dreams of having a motorcycle. He was told that everything would be like a musical film. But even in neon, he is still invisible.
Christoffer Ansel
30 min. Short film
Elias is a young man who lives with his father, Frank, in a house out in the middle of nowhere. There, their lives revolve around filling a mysterious hole that keeps reappearing in the floor of their living room. Filling the hole during the day, and spending the evenings unwinding, seems perfectly fine for Frank, but Elias starts to question the meaning behind this life that Frank has decided for them. As Elias' weariness grows, he confronts his father about wanting to do something else. Frank is a stubborn man, though, and Elias' rebellion soon sees them butting heads.
Paloma Orlandini Castro
17 min. Short film
Ob Scena is an experimental documentary short returning to academic texts on sexuality written by a psychiatrist in Cuba in the 80s and drawing a link with today’s pornography. A reflection on the place of social control discreetly infiltrated in the representation of sex.
Kateřina Hroníková
28 min. Short film
Libuse and Jaromír, an elderly couple, spend their time in a vicious circle of routine activities and constant physical proximity that has made them emotionally distant. The promise of change comes in the form of a company called The Sun.
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Alexandru Mironescu
26 min. Short film
All Andrei wants is to leave for summer camp, together with his friends, once the school year is over. Meanwhile, his parents are caught up with their divorce.
Artur-Pol Camprubí
20 min. Short film
A streetlamp marking the limit of a town in Aragon’s Eastern Strip lights up at nightfall. Angelica, a woman of Romanian origin living in the town, witnesses the birth of a foal at the stables where she works. The little creature’s struggle to free itself from the maternal placenta, its condition of ghostly and borderline existence, pierce her to the extent that she will be unable to shake off the image.  
Nikita Merlini
24 min. Short film
After their house burns down, 18-year-old Sofia and her mother Carla have to live together in a small room at The Little Swallow Hotel. Sofia explores the building and meets new inspiring people. A thousand opportunities seem to open up for her. Carla, on the other hand, has to get used to the idea of her daughter leaving. In this closed-door environment, mother and daughter try to find a new balance in their relationship.
Sara Grgurić
17 min. Short film
Saša and Filip are traveling to Gorski Kotar. Isolated in the midst of the global pandemic, Saša starts to question their relationship. As her resistance towards Filip grows, her courage to say it crumbles.
Feng Yi
15 min. Short film
At night, the escort girl Muduo and the writer Mianshan stroll in the People's Park. Mianshan tells of a novel he dedicated to his fiancée, which takes place after the end of the world, where a boy travels through an abandoned aquarium to rescue a dying mermaid. As the story progresses, the park seems to gradually become isolated from the world, and Mianshan searches for an exit back to reality, while the clues seem to be hidden in the experiences that Muduo shares with his fiancée.
Mélanie Akoka
13 min. Short film
An awkward young girl, on the brink of adolescence but ignored by her mother, is left to navigate her first feelings of desire on her own when a local handyman and his horse come to fix a broken wall.
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