71SSIFF - 22/30 September 2023
Other activities

1:58:30. Belén Diz

The exhibition 1:58:30 pays tribute to the great tradition of the cinema, turning the spotlight on hair-raising classics from the history of the seventh art and cult movies that have gone above and beyond popular culture thanks to their narrative quality and their charismatic characters. The exhibition is made up of a series of illustrations by the artist Belén Diz, reliving iconic scenes from recent decades through the expressive nature of her lines. The works seek to place emphasis on the mastery of the references selected for this initiative, such as Hitchcock, Kubrick, Tarantino and Lanthimos, and their contribution to the collective memory. 1:58:30 is a visual voyage through a book of sketches, an invitation to dialogue between two worlds, the cinema and art.

Arteuparte Gallery 
15/09/2023 - 06/10/2023

Audi Future Stories: El chófer / The Driver

Audi's commitment to the future of the cinema continues to grow year after year. This 29 September, at 10:30, San Sebastian's Príncipe Cinemas will screen El chofer, winning short film of the 3rd edition of Audi Future Stories created by Candela Buttigliero. A bona fide premiere attended by Kike Maíllo, movie director, member of the Audi Future Stories jury and co-helmer of the short, and the multi-awardwinning actor Roberto Álamo, among many others.  

Príncipe Cinemas (theatre 10)

La red púrpura / The Purple Network

Premiere of the new original series by ATRESplayer PREMIUM La red púrpura / The Purple Network, adaptation of the homonymous novel by Carmen Mola, follow-up to last year's broadcast of La novia gitana. In the new episodes, inspector Elena Blanco has discovered that her son Lucas is alive, but that he belongs to the sinister Purple Network, mentioned by Vistas prior to his dramatic demise. Six months have gone by, and the inspector keeps the fact that her son is one of them to herself; only Mariajo, her faithful confidante, knows the truth. The BAC has been punished for the outcome of the Macaya case, having been moved to other premises, and the only thing they can do is pull on that thread left to them by Vistas, a network buried deep in the Internet. Kidnapped children, minors with no future, the trafficking of women... the goods are traded, the viewers pay and even bet on the victims' outcome. Actress Nerea Barros once again plays the lead in the series, directed by Paco Cabezas, and also featuring actors including Carmen Prada, Nuria González and Andres Gertrúdix.  

Príncipe Cinemas (theatre 7)

(Entry with invitation)

Nosotras. Eva Franco

The photographs showing in Nosotras propose a subversion of female characters in fantasy literature which respects its most recognisable codes. The images appearing in the exhibition accompanied the texts by Koldo Landaluze for the article, Al doblar la noche, “Nosotras”, published in the Gara newspaper's Sunday magazine, 7k.

A portrait photographer and image creator, Eva Franco (Zumaia, 1971), enjoys the process of developing a concept to create styling and stage designs that surround the characters and thereby turn ideas into visual histories. Although her work focuses on photography, she is currently discovering the creative possibilities of AI generated images. 

Photographic Society of Gipuzkoa
20/09/2023 - 18/10/2023
Monday-Friday: 11:00-13:00 / 17:00-21:00
Saturday: 17:00-20:00

Salto del Eje

Screening of the short films in the programme on the creation of films with adolescents, Salto del Eje, promoted by the Spanish
Government’s High Commissioner for the Fight Against Child Poverty.

Trueba Cinemas (theatre 1)

Social Economy. Food Coop

Screening of the documentary Food Coop, directed by Thomas Boothe and Maellane Bonnicel, one of the events organised to celebrate San Sebastian as the Capital of Social Economics. The film focuses on The Park Slope Food Coop, a cooperative supermarket where 16,000 members work 3 hours a month to earn the right to buy New York's best food at very low prices. The success of this cooperative is bad news for capitalism and agrifood businesses and an opportunity to change food production and distribution systems.

Trueba Cinemas (theatre 2)

Sultana's Dream

El sueño de la sultana / Sultana's Dream follows the process of creating her first animated feature film by the artist from San Sebastian, Isabel Herguera. The film, taking its inspiration from the feminist tale of the same name written by the Bengali author Rokeya Hussain, competes in the Official Selection at the San Sebastian Festival, collaborator of the exhibition. 

Several creative atmospheres make up the exposition narrative of El sueño de la sultana / Sultana's Dream, where visitors can see, among others, the many drawings made by Isabel Herguera in India between 2005 and 2017. Together with these watercolour drawings, a sound installation will evoke the places in which the scenes of the film are set: Kolkata, New Delhi and Ahmedabad. Another of the techniques found in the exhibition are the murals made with temporary tattoos using the mehndi technique, an ancient art using henna, with which the group of mehndi artists have designed "Ladyland", the feminist utopia described by Begum Rokeya Hossein in the short story Sultana's Dream, written in 1905 and which spawned the idea for the film. 

The show reflects each of the stages involved in the process of creating an animated film. From the collecting of ideas and references through the moodboard to the graphic script or storyboard and the animatic, to which a series of ordered and animated sequences are added, as well as sound. Puppets and cutouts in black card and vegetable parchment round off a unique exhibition, where the public can also access immersive augmented reality content using their mobile phone or tablet. 

Tabakalera (Exhibition Gallery 2)
19/09/2023 -- 07/01/2024
12:00-14:00 / 16:00-20:00

XXXV Bideoaldia

Selection of audiovisual works made in 2022/2023 at the Larrotxene Cultural Centre.

Hibernazioa (Ainhoa Mariezkurrena)

Matamoscas (Irene Royo)

Martes por la mañana (Mikel S. Galarza)

Kosmikoa (Ane Rotaeche)

Normas de higiene (Amaia San Sebastián)

Trueba Cinemas (theatre 2)

(Invitations through the Larrotxene Cultural Centre)

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