72SSIFF - 20/28 September 2024
Basque Cinema Day. Informative Section
Basque Cinema Day. Informative Section
Néstor Basterretxea, Fernando Larruquert
103 min.
Ama Lur is, above all, an emotional ode to the Basque Country; an endearing view of the land and its inhabitants. The mystery and reality of one of the oldest known peoples, revealed in the peculiarities of its cultured and popular expressions, through tradition, beliefs, art, ways of working, folklore, games, etc. A real kaleidoscope with more than seventy subjects filmed over more than two years of shooting.
Egoitz Rodríguez
65 min.
Pedro Rivero
78 min.
Nacho Vigalondo
88 min.
A man who travels back into the past by accident and meets his own self. A naked girl in the woods. A strange individual with his face wrapped in pink bandages. A disturbing hilltop mansion. Parts of an improvised puzzle in which horror, drama and suspense will draw you towards an unimaginable crime. Who is the murderer? Who is the victim?
Joseba Iñaki Agirre Errazkin
85 min.
Txiki?s life provided us with an insight into the last executions of Franquism. His life, his history, his friends and his dreams of freedom. While others bury their memory in the common pit of forgetfulness, where light or remembrance cannot reach; their families, friends, work colleagues and anti-Franquist activist partners tell us about the end of the dictatorship, about their memories. These are testimonies that have not been erased by this lurking blanket of forgetfulness. It is a living history, it is part of our own history.
Alberto Morais
107 min.
Candela Figueira, Maitena Muruzabal
98 min.
Winter is approaching. In a factory snow chains division, orders are starting to mount up. Javier, the manager, asks for more workers. Jairo is brought along from another section. Ángela and Karmentxu arrive from a temp agency. Unawares, Ángela starts breaking the rules, setting the ball of change in motion. Work becomes a game, and the cold, gray factory building, a place in which to have fun.
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