72SSIFF - 20/28 September 2024
Basque Cinema Day. Premieres
Basque Cinema Day. Premieres
Gorka Merchán
100 min.
Txomin Garay, a businessman and fine pelota player in his youth, comes home after 10 years in Argentina. The main reason for his trip is the imminent death of his brother Koldo, to whom he stopped talking several years back. Before dying, Koldo asks his brother to perform a delicate task: to get his teenage son, Gaizka, a promising pelota player, back onto the track of a game for which he seems to have lost flavour. To close ranks with Gaizka, Txomin uses their shared passion: hand-pelota. The death of Germán, a journalist friend of Txomin?s, makes him decide to return to South America. But Txomin knows he can?t just get up and go; that he owes his brother something. A match between Gaizka and a pelotari from a nearby village is the ideal excuse to delay his trip, a decision marking the start of a definitive voyage for Txomin.
Juan Miguel Gutiérrez
80 min.
?Motema na ngai?, in Lingala, spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo, literally means ?My heart?. The poetic language is used as an expression of tenderness or affection between two lovers. It could be freely translated as ?I love you!?. The director of this documentary, Juan Miguel Gutiérrez, comes out with it spontaneously every time he thinks about Africa.
Pavel Giroud
Spain - Cuba 
86 min.
Lurdes Bañuelos
50 min. Medium-length film
When the medical prognosis talks of one, two, three... days left to live, can one decide what to do, how to feel? Idoia Sagarzazu, Basque actress and heroine of this tale, chose to marry... Celebrate, say her goodbyes; return home, allow herself to be accompanied, and live intensely and serenely until her very last breath. Against all odds, a lively, loving, courageous and moving document.
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