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An ironic thriller with humour even in its darkest moments
Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

The director and scriptwriter of Arbitrage, Nicholas Jarecki, flanked by the two stars of his
film, Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon, gave a press conference after the screening
of the film that opened the Festival yesterday. Jarecki said that he’d aimed to make what he described as an ironic thriller that mixed genres as it was important to have humour even in the darkest moments. His intention first and foremost had been to entertain, although obviously he had been inspired by the current financial crisis.

Richard Gere who plays a troubled hedge-fund manager in the film felt that his character was more complex that he seemed. “You either play the villain with a capital V or play a human being” and he had chosen the second option to avoid clichés. He said that he had tried to find the “Bill Clinton” in his character; someone who swims through and finds his way. He also
stressed how these characters driven by greed were not monsters beyond redemption and that if only their drive and talent could be channeled into something more positive, they could change and become more responsible.

Both actors and director mentioned the extraordinary chemistry that existed between Gere and Sarandon. Having known each other for a long time and having worked together before, they
both knew instinctively what to do. “It’s one of the better marriages I’ve had,” joked Sarandon.

A question about whether, with age, she found the scripts she received were less interesting, gave Susan Sarandon a chance to look back on her career. She said that she had played both leading and supporting roles but had tried never to repeat herself. This meant she had had a fairly unorthodox career but she had no complaints.



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