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Festival Diary » JURY
The importance of making personal stories universal
Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

The British journalist, writer and programmer DemetriosMatheou has written about
film for some of the most prestigious newspapers and magazines in Britain, and has also collaborated with several Latin American festivals in London, and co-curated the British capital’s very first Argentine Film Festival. He’s been to the Festival many times as a journalist but this year he’s here to judge films as a member of the New Directors Jury.

Asked whether he felt that his task as a juror here was an prolongation of his work as a critic and journalist, he replied that as a journalist he provided his opinions on films so this was an extension of that, but whereas his primary responsibility as a critic was to his readers, he now also had a responsibility to the new directors who had put so much effort into their films as well as to the Festival as in the end one of these directors was going to receive a prize here.

He said that when judging a film by a new director, what he looked for was its promise and potential and an original voice with a fresh way of telling stories, and confessed that he had fairly eclectic tastes but what he really liked were films that told very personal local stories in a way that made them universal, something that he often found in Latin American cinema, especially in Argentine and Chilean cinema at the moment.

He also spoke at length about the parallels between architecture and filmmaking,
something that Peter Greenaway had commented on to him as both use similar tools, and he was sure that there were many directors who found inspiration in looking at buildings. For example, Terry Gilliam’s Brazil was clearly inspired by his fascination with how buildings worked. At the same time however, many architects are also film buffs.


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