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Festival Diary » JURY
Just another member of the audience
Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

This year the great Argentine actor Ricardo Darín has not come to San Sebastián to present a film but is here as a member of the Official Section Jury. He confesses he is delighted to have the chance to see films by directors with such different narrative styles as
Ozon, Costa Gavras , Cantet and Trueba.

In spite of the obvious differences, he thought that San Sebastián was a bit like the Havana Festival, “because this festival has an asset that other festivals don’t have: its people. Not forgetting, of course, the excellent level and wide variety of the films and projects. What’s really magical is the contact you have with the people here and the audience.”

Darin insisted on the act that being an actor and director didn’t change his perspective when it came to sitting down to watch a film. “To be completely honest, first of all I’m a member of the audience not an actor or a director; I prefer to leave aside that way of looking at things, because I think it’s the best way of being faithful to yourself as a human being.”


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