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Festival Diary » JURY - NEW DIRECTORS
Judging films is a lot easier than making them
Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

After directing four feature films, several documentaries and more than six hundred
commercials, Radu Muntean is considered to be one of the most promising up-and –coming talents in Rumanian cinema. Although the Rumanian film industry is currently undergoing a boom and in the last decade its films have been well received at various festivals, Muntean is rather skeptical about all this: “It’s important to have international recognition but it’s also
important to receive it in your own country. Unfortunately the Rumanian public doesn’t go and see Rumanian films. They prefer any mainstream Hollywood film to one that deals with their own reality.”

He feels he has a triple responsibility as a member of the New Directors Jury: to the Festival, to his fellow jury members and also to the filmmakers whose work he’ll be judging. He prefers to
play down his task as a juror: “Watching films and judging them from the comfort of your seat is pretty easy, I’d even describe it as pleasant; what’s difficult is making films.”


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