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Festival Diary » JURY
Good photography can’t save a bad film
Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Currently in San Sebastián as a member of the Official Section jury, Peter Suschitzky is one of the most renowned cinematographers in the world, perhaps best-known for his work with David Cronenberg, who he has worked with on ten films since 1988. Surprisingly he claims that the quality of the photography isn’t what he looks for in a film but that he appreciates other things like a good script or the quality of the acting. “The important thing is for the narrative and the style to match. Photography can improve a film but it can’t save it. If it’s bad, then it’s bad no matter how good the photography is”

He also feels that there must be total complicity between a cinematographer and a director and that basically his job doesn’t differ that much from an actor’s, in the sense that just as the latter doesn’t act very differently from one film to the next, in the same way he maintains a visual style and tailors it to meet the project.


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