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Festival Diary » HOPE SPRINGS
A tough guy who’s happiest behind the camera
Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Currently in San Sebastián to pick up a Donostia Award and present Hope Springs, a film
that he stars in alongside Meryl Streep, the veteran American actor and director reveals that “the happiest days in my creative life” have been behind the camera, an activity
that he hopes to continue in the future, and he confesses he’s really happy about starting shooting his latest film The Homesman next March in North-east New Mexico, which he has also written the screenplay for. Asked about his performance in The Fugitive that won him an Oscar he says that it was a really important role in his career because without
it he wouldn’t be here, “I had so much fun and it was good for business.” In actual fact he doesn’t remember too much about winning the Oscar itself, but actors are always seeking approval, “so when all those industry people are applauding, it’s good for your ego,” he acknowledges.
Although in most of his films he’s played a tough guy, he claims he doesn’t have a
favourite genre: he just looks for the best screenplays he can find. Nor are there any directors he’d particularly like to work with, apart from ones who are utterly inaccessible
because they are dead.
As for Hope Springs, which is about the sexual problems that a couple have in their sixties,
he says that “every day working with Meryl Streep was pure joy and smiles all day long,” but reckons that as he doesn’t write an advice column and he isn’t a therapist, he’s not going to answer any questions about aging couples: “the movie’s not about me.”
Although he’d read about the Festival in the American press, he says that this is the first time he’s actually been here in person. “It’s been a happy, pleasant experience so far.”



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