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You are in: Home > 2012. 60th Edition  > Festival Diary > The dead weight of tradition in the Chinese countryside
The dead weight of tradition in the Chinese countryside
Thursday, September 27th, 2012

There are situations that are difficult to accept from a Western perspective, like the one that Emily Tang presents in her third feature All Apologies that was screened yesterday in the Official Section. The film starts off with an accident in which a child is run over by a careless driver. In his despair the victim’s father decides to rape the driver’s wife and demand that her family “owe him a life.”

The director explained that she accepted her fate because “she feels a mixture of guilt for what her husband has caused and the typical sense of despair of someone who is nearly penniless and as such agrees to have a child with the man who rapes her in return for him waiving any compensation for his child’s accidental death.”

In any case the director wanted to make it quite clear that this kind of behavior is not widespread in China, and it’s unlikely to occur in the cities but in the countryside women still tend to be rather subservient, and that the social pressure to provide a male son is very important.


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